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2013 Technology convergence and digital divides. A country-level evidence for the period 2000-2010Lechman, Ewa
2013 Human poverty – Measuring relative deprivation from basic achievements. A comparative study for 144 world countries in the time span 1990-2010Lechman, Ewa
2013 Social development – a multidimensional approach to social development analysis. Country level evidenceLechman, Ewa
2013 New technologies adoption and diffusion patterns in developing countries - An empirical study for the period 2000-2011Lechman, Ewa
2013 Does technology adoption matter for economic development? An empirical evidence for Latin American countriesLechman, Ewa
2013 Are women important for economic development? An evidence on women's participation in labor market and their contribution to economic growth in 83 world countriesLechman, Ewa; Okonowicz, Anna
2013 Icts diffusion trajectories and economic development – An empirical evidence for 46 developing countriesLechman, Ewa
2013 Socio-economic exclusion as a hindrance of economic development. A comparative study for European countriesLechman, Ewa
2014 Reshaping financial systems. New technologies and financial innovations - Evidence from the United States, Mexico and BrazilLechman, Ewa; Marszk, Adam
2014 The fertility rebound and economic growth. New evidence for 18 countries over the period 1970-2011Dominiak, Piotr; Lechman, Ewa; Okonowicz, Anna
2014 Female labor force participation and economic growth– Re-examination of u-shaped curveLechman, Ewa
2014 Changing patterns in the export of goods versus international competitiveness: A comparative analysis for Central-East European countries in the period 2000-2011Lechman, Ewa
2015 The 'technological take-off' and the 'critical mass'. A trial conceptualizationLechman, Ewa
2016 Social development and ICT adoption. Developing world perspectiveLechman, Ewa; Kaur, Harleen
2016 Financial markets diffusion patterns. The case of Mexican investment fundsMarszk, Adam; Lechman, Ewa; Kaur, Harleen
2016 Tracing financial innovations diffusion and substitution trajectories. Recent evidence on exchange traded funds in Japan and South KoreaMarszk, Adam; Lechman, Ewa