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2012Balanced Budget Government Spending in a Small Open Regional EconomyMcGregor, Peter; Lecca, Patrizio; Swales, Kim
2013The Impact of the Introduction of a Carbon Tax for ScotlandLecca, Patrizio; Allan, Grant; McGregor, Peter; Swales, Kim
2016Long-term social, economic and fiscal effects of immigration into the EU: The role of the integration policyKancs, D'Artis; Lecca, Patrizio
2017Long-term Social, Economic and Fiscal Effects of Immigration into the EU: The Role of the Integration PolicyKancs, d'Artis; Lecca, Patrizio
2018The third pillar of the Investment Plan for Europe: An impact assessment using the RHOMOLO modelChristensen, Martin; Conte, Andrea; Di Pietro, Filippo; Lecca, Patrizio; Mandras, Giovanni; Salotti, Simone
2018The impact of Cohesion Policy 2007-2015 in EU regions: Simulations with the RHOMOLO Interregional Dynamic General Equilibrium ModelDi Comite, Francesco; Lecca, Patrizio; Monfort, Philippe; Persyn, Damiaan; Piculescu, Violeta
2019Upward pressure on wages and the interregional trade spillover effects under demand-side shocksLecca, Patrizio; Christensen, Martin; Conte, Andrea; Mandras, Giovanni; Salotti, Simone
2020Regional economic resilience in the European Union: A numerical general equilibrium analysisDi Pietro, Filippo; Lecca, Patrizio; Salotti, Simone
2020The importance of studying inter-regional spillover effects of European policies: Application of the RHOMOLO model for PolandLecca, Patrizio; Salotti, Simone; Conte, Andrea
2022Improving government quality in the regions of the EU and its system-wide benefits for cohesion policyBarbero, Javier; Christensen, Martin Aarøe; Conte, Andrea; Lecca, Patrizio; Rodríguez-Pose, Andreas; Salotti, Simone
2022Regional general equilibrium modelling with forward-looking agents: An application to the 2014-2020 European structural regional investmentsCrucitti, Francesca; Lecca, Patrizio; Monfort, Philippe; Salotti, Simone