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2002Do forward markets enhance competition? Experimental evidenceLe Coq, Chloé; Orzen, Henrik
2004Long-term supply contracts and collusion in the electricity marketLe Coq, Chloé
2008Fines, leniency, rewards and organized crime: Evidence from antitrust experimentsBigoni, Maria; Fridolfsson, Sven-Olof; Le Coq, Chloé; Spagnolo, Giancorlo
2008Risk aversion, prospect theory, and strategic risk in law enforcement: Evidence from an antitrust experimentBigoni, Maria; Fridolfsson, Sven-Olof; Le Coq, Chloé; Spagnolo, Giancorlo
2008Fines, Leniency and Rewards in Antitrust: An ExperimentBigoni, Maria; Fridolfsson, Sven-Olof; Le Coq, Chloé; Spagnolo, Giancarlo
2011Assessing gas transit risks: Russia vs. the EULe Coq, Chloé; Paltseva, Elena
2012The EU-Russia Gas Relationship: a mutual dependencyLe Coq, Chloé; Paltseva, Elena
2014On the Effects of Group Identity in Strategic EnvironmentsLe Coq, Chloé; Tremewan, James; Wagner, Alexander K.
2016Pricing and Capacity Provision in Electricity Markets: An Experimental StudyLe Coq, Chloé; Orzen, Henrik; Schwenen, Sebastian
2016Economic scarcity and consumers' credit choiceBos, Marieke; Le Coq, Chloé; van Santen, Peter
2018How do nascent social entrepreneurs respond to rewards? A field experiment on motivations in a grant competitionGanguli, Ina; Huysentruyt, Marieke; Le Coq, Chloé
2018How Do Nascent Social Entrepreneurs Respond to Rewards? A Field Experiment on Motivations in a Grant CompetitionGanguli, Ina; Le Coq, Chloé; Huysentruyt, Marieke
2019Financial Contracts as Coordination DeviceLe Coq, Chloé; Schwenen, Sebastian
2020Financial contracts as coordination deviceLe Coq, Chloé; Schwenen, Sebastian