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2004 Economic boom and social mobility: The Irish experienceWhelan, Christopher T.; Layte, Richard
2007 Regret about the timing of first sexual intercourse: The role of age and contextLayte, Richard; McGee, Hannah
2007 Do consultation charges deter general practitioner use among older people? A natural experimentLayte, Richard; McGee, Hannah; O'Hanlon, Ann
2007 An analysis of the impact oof age and proximity of death on health care costs in IrelandLayte, Richard
2009 Explaining structural change in cardiovascular mortality in Ireland 1995 - 2005: A time series analysisLayte, Richard; O'Hara, Sinead; Bennett, Kathleen
2009 Did the celtic tiger decrease socio-economic differentials in perinatal mortality in Ireland?Layte, Richard; Clyne, Barbara
2009 Recent trends in the caesarean section rate in Ireland 1999 - 2006Brick, Aoife; Layte, Richard
2009 The association between income inequality and mental health: Social cohesion or social infrastructure?Layte, Richard; MaƮtre, Bertrand
2013 Are classroom internet use and academic performance higher after government broadband subsidies to primary schools?Hyland, Marie; Layte, Richard; Lyons, Sean; McCoy, Selina; Silles, Mary
2013 Socioeconomic inequalities in child health in IrelandLayte, Richard; Nolan, Anne
2013 Income-related inequity in the use of GP services: A comparison of Ireland and ScotlandLayte, Richard; Nolan, Anne
2013 Socioeconomic differentials in male mortality in Ireland: 1984-2008Layte, Richard; Nolan, Anne
2014 Who feels inferior? A test of the status anxiety hypothesis of social inequalities in healthLayte, Richard; Whelan, Christopher T.