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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2007 The Marginal Utility of IncomeLayard, Richard; Mayraz, Guy; Nickell, Stephen J.
2009 Does Relative Income Matter? Are the Critics Right?Layard, Richard; Mayraz, Guy; Nickell, Stephen
2010 The Greatest Happiness Principle: Its Time Has ComeLayard, Richard
2013 Mental illness and unhappinessLayard, Richard; Chisholm, Dan; Patel, Vikram; Saxena, Shekhar
2013 What Predicts a Successful Life? A Life-Course Model of Well-BeingLayard, Richard; Clark, Andrew E.; Cornaglia, Francesca; Powdthavee, Nattavudh; Vernoit, James
2013 Mental Illness and UnhappinessLayard, Richard; Chisholm, Dan; Patel, Vikram; Saxena, Shekhar
2013 Mental health: The new frontier for labour economicsLayard, Richard
2015 Do more of those in misery suffer from poverty, unemployment or mental illness?Flèche, Sarah; Layard, Richard
2015 Do More of Those in Misery Suffer from Poverty, Unemployment or Mental Illness?Flèche, Sarah; Layard, Richard
2016 The economics of mental healthLayard, Richard
2019 A Happy Choice: Wellbeing as the Goal of GovernmentFrijters, Paul; Clark, Andrew E.; Krekel, Christian; Layard, Richard
2020 When to Release the Lockdown? A Wellbeing Framework for Analysing Costs and BenefitsLayard, Richard; Clark, Andrew E.; De Neve, Jan-Emmanuel; Krekel, Christian; Fancourt, Daisy; Hey, Nancy; O'Donnell, Gus
2021 A Local Community Course That Raises Wellbeing and Pro-sociality: Evidence from a Randomised Controlled TrialKrekel, Christian; De Neve, Jan-Emmanuel; Fancourt, Daisy; Layard, Richard