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2001Revealing Demand for Nature Experience Using Purchase Data of Equipment and LodgingLarsen, Erling Røed
2002Searching for Basic Consumption Patterns Is the Engel Elasticity of Housing Unity?Larsen, Erling Røed
2002Consumption Inequality in Norway in the 80s and 90sLarsen, Erling Røed
2002Estimating Latent Total Consumption in a HouseholdLarsen, Erling Røed
2002Distributional and Environmental Effects of Taxes on TransportationAasness, Jørgen; Larsen, Erling Røed
2002The Political Economy of Global Warming. From Data to DecisionsLarsen, Erling Røed
2003Rising Inequality of Housing? Evidence from Segmented Housing Price IndicesLarsen, Erling Røed; Sommervoll, Dag Einar
2003Are Rich Countries Immune to the Resource Curse? Evidence from Norway's Management of Its Oil RichesLarsen, Erling Røed
2004Does the CPI Mirror Costs-of-Living? Engel's Law Suggests Not in NorwayLarsen, Erling Røed
2004Escaping the Resource Curse and the Dutch Disease? When and Why Norway Caught up with and Forged ahead of Its NeighborsLarsen, Erling Røed
2005Distributional Effects of Environmental Taxes on Transportation. Evidence from Engel Curves in the United StatesLarsen, Erling Røed
2005Measuring the Price of Housing Consumption for Owners in the CPIBeatty, Timothy K.M.; Larsen, Erling Røed; Sommervoll, Dag Einar
2006The Impact on Rent from Tenant and Landlord Characteristics and InteractionLarsen, Erling Røed; Sommervoll, Dag Einar
2007Driven to Drink. Sin Taxes Near a BorderBeatty, Timothy K.M.; Larsen, Erling Røed; Sommervoll, Dag Einar
2007Home, Sweet Home or Is It - Always? Testing the Efficiency of the Norwegian Housing MarketLarsen, Erling Røed; Weum, Steffen
2009From data to levy design. The five stages of implementing housing taxesLarsen, Erling Røed
2009Using Engel Curves to Estimate Purchasing Power Parity. A Case Study of the Computation of the Exchange Rate between the Norwegian krone and the U.S. dollarLarsen, Erling Røed
2010Markets where buyers also are sellers. How realized home equity may work as an accelerator of house pricesLarsen, Erling Røed
2016Testing for Micro Efficiency in the Housing MarketAnundsen, André K.; Larsen, Erling Røed