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2012 Bank ratings: what determines their quality?Hau, Harald; Langfield, Sam; Marqués-Ibáñez, David
2013 The structure and resilience of the European interbank marketAlves, Ivan; Ferrari, Stijn; Franchini, Pietro; Heam, Jean-Cyprien; Jurca, Pavol; Langfield, Sam; Laviola, Sebastiano; Liedorp, Franka; Sánchez, Antonio; Tavolaro, Santiago; Vuillemey, Guillaume
2014 Is Europe Overbanked?Pagano, Marco; Langfield, Sam; Acharya, Viral V.; Boot, Arnoud; Brunnermeier, Markus K.; Buch, Claudia; Hellwig, Martin F.; Sapir, André; van den Burg, Ieke; A group of the ESRB Advisory Scientific Committee
2014 Allocating macro-prudential powersSchoenmaker, Dirk; Gros, Daniel; Langfield, Sam; Pagano, Marco
2015 Bank bias in Europe: effects on systemic risk and growthLangfield, Sam; Pagano, Marco
2016 ESBies: Safety in the tranchesBrunnermeier, Markus Konrad; Langfield, Sam; Pagano, Marco; Reis, Ricardo; van Nieuwerburgh, Stijn; Vayanos, Dimitri
2016 ESBies: Safety in the tranchesBrunnermeier, Markus K.; Langfield, Sam; Pagano, Marco; Reis, Ricardo; Nieuwerburgh, Stijn Van; Vayanos, Dimitri
2016 Too late, too sudden: Transition to a low-carbon economy and systemic riskGros, Daniel; Lane, Philip R.; Langfield, Sam; Matikainen, Sini; Pagano, Marco; Schoenmaker, Dirk; Suarez, Javier; A group of the ESRB Advisory Scientific Committee
2016 Shedding light on dark markets: First insights from the new EU-wide OTC derivatives datasetAbad, Jorge; Aldasoro, Iñaki; Aymanns, Christoph; D'Errico, Marco; Rousová, Linda; Hoffmann, Peter; Langfield, Sam; Neychev, Martin; Roukny, Tarik
2016 Indirect contagion: the policy problemClerc, Laurent; Giovannini, Alberto; Langfield, Sam; Peltonen, Tuomas; Portes, Richard; Scheicher, Martin
2017 Discriminatory pricing of over-the-counter derivativesHau, Harald; Hoffmann, Peter; Langfield, Sam; Timmer, Yannick
2018 Regulating the doom loopAlogoskoufis, Spyros; Langfield, Sam
2018 Systemic illiquidity in the interbank networkFerrara, Gerardo; Langfield, Sam; Liu, Zijun; Ota, Tomohiro
2018 From the horse’s mouth: surveying responses to stress by banks and insurersBrinkhoff, Jeroen; Langfield, Sam; Weeken, Olaf
2018 Who bears interest rate risk?Hoffmann, Peter; Langfield, Sam; Pierobon, Federico; Vuillemey, Guillaume