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2011The role of technology and institutions for growth: Danish creameries in the late nineteenth centuryHenriksen, Ingrid; Lampe, Markus; Sharp, Paul
2012Housing Markets during the Rural-Urban Transition: Evidence from early 20th Century SpainPidal, Juan Carmona; Lampe, Markus; Rosés, Joan Ramón
2013Greasing the Wheels of Rural Transformation? Margarine and the Competition for the British Butter MarketLampe, Markus; Sharp, Paul
2014How the Danes Discovered Britain: The International Integration of the Danish Dairy Industry Before 1880Lampe, Markus; Sharp, Paul
2014Just Add Milk: A Productivity Analysis of the Revolutionary Changes in Nineteenth Century Danish DairyingLampe, Markus; Sharp, Paul
2017When Britain turned inward: Protection and the shift towards Empire in interwar BritainDe Bromhead, Alan; Fernihough, Alan; Lampe, Markus; O'Rourke, Kevin H.
2017'Rational' Farmers and the Emergence of Modern Accounting in Danish DairyingLampe, Markus; Sharp, Paul
2018Getting to Denmark': the Role of Elites for DevelopmentJensen, Peter Sandholt; Lampe, Markus; Sharp, Paul; Skovsgaard, Christian Volmar
2018The anatomy of a trade collapse: The UK, 1929-33De Bromhead, Alan; Fernihough, Alan; Lampe, Markus; O'Rourke, Kevin H.
2020Winners and Losers from Enclosure: Evidence from Danish Land Inequality 1682-1895Boberg-Fazlic, Nina; Lampe, Markus; Lasheras, Pablo Martinelli; Sharp, Paul
2021The Sleeping Giant Who Left for America: The Determinants and Impact of Danish Emigration During the Age of Mass MigrationBoberg-Fazlić, Nina; Lampe, Markus; Sharp, Paul
2023The Empire Project: Trade Policy in Interwar CanadaLampe, Markus; O'Rourke, Kevin Hjortshøj; Reiter, Lorenz; Yotov, Yoto V.
2024Of the bovine ilk: Quantifying the welfare of dairy cattle in history, 1750-1900Lampe, Markus; Sharp, Paul