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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1991 Reference-price-independent welfare prescriptionsBlackorby, Charles; Laisney, François; Schmachtenberg, Rolf
1991 Mikroökonometrische Untersuchung von Aggregationsproblemen: Eine partielle ÜbersichtLaisney, François
1991 Estimation of labour supply functions using panel data: a surveyLaisney, François; Pohlmeier, Winfried; Staat, Matthias
1991 Alternative interpretations of hours information in an econometric model of labour supplyBlundell, Richard W.; Laisney, François; Lechner, Michael
1992 Simulation of reforms of direct and indirect taxation for FranceLaisney, François; Mühleisen, Martin; Staat, Matthias; Vögele, Stefan
1993 A Life Cycle Labour Supply Model with Taxes Estimated on German Panel Data: The Case of Parallel PreferencesLaisney, François; Lechner, Michael; van Soest, Arthur; Wagenhals, Gerhard
1993 Do Married Women Base Their Labour Supply Decisions on Gross or Marginal Wages?König, Heinz; Laisney, François; Lechner, Michael; Pohlmeier, Winfried
1993 Combining panel data and macro information: an application to the estimation of a participation modelLaisney, François; Lechner, Michael
1993 On the dynamics of process innovative activity: an empirical investigation using panel dataKönig, Heinz; Laisney, François; Lechner, Michael; Pohlmeier, Winfried
1997 A Simple Test of the Efficiency Wage Hypothesis RevisitedDastani, Parsis; Laisney, François; Vouillaume, Sophie
1997 Demand Systems with Unit Values: A Comparsion of Two SpecificationsLahatte, Agénor; Miquel, Ruth; Laisney, François; Preston, Ian
1997 Estimation of Household Demand Systems Using Unit Value DataPreston, Ian; Laisney, François; Crawford, Ian A.
2000 Consumption and nutrition: age - intake profiles for Czechoslovakia 1989 - 1992Miquel, Ruth; Laisney, François
2000 Imposing and testing curvature conditions on a Box-Cox functionKoebel, Bertrand M.; Falk, Martin; Laisney, François
2000 The performance of German firms in the business-related service sectors : a dynamic analysisvan Phu, Nguyen; Kaiser, Ulrich; Laisney, François
2002 Estimation of Household Demand Systems with Theoretically Compatible Engel Curves and Unit Value SpecificationsPreston, Ian; Laisney, François; Crawford, Ian A.
2002 Comparison between unitary and collective models of household labor supply with taxationLaisney, François; Beninger, Denis
2002 Almost Consistent Estimation of Panel Probit Models with 'Small' Fixed EffectsLechner, Michael; Laisney, François
2002 Estimation of household demand systems with theoretically compatible engel curves and unit value specificationsCrawford, Ian; Laisney, François; Preston, Ian
2003 Welfare Analysis of Fiscal Reforms: Does the Representation of the Family Decision Process Matter? Evidence for GermanyLaisney, François; Beninger, Denis; Beblo, Miriam