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2000An early Harvard 'Memorandum' on anti-depression policiesLaidler, David; Sandilands, Roger; Currie, L. B.; Ellsworth, E. T.; White, H. D.
2000Highlights of the Bullionist controversyLaidler, David
2000Remedies for financial crises in the classical and neoclassical literatureLaidler, David
2001Skidelsky's Keynes: A review essayLaidler, David
2001From bimetallism to monetarism: The shifting political affiliation of the quantity theoryLaidler, David
2001Phillips in retrospectLaidler, David
2001The role of the history of economic thought in modern macroeconomicsLaidler, David
2002Inflation Targets Versus International Monetary Integration - A Canadian PerspectiveLaidler, David
2002Two views of the lender of last resort: Thornton and BagehotLaidler, David
2003The price level, relative prices, and economic stability: Aspects of the inter-war debateLaidler, David
2003Meltzer's History of the Federal ReserveLaidler, David
2003What was lost with IS-LMBackhouse, Roger E.; Laidler, David
2003Chicago monetary traditionsLaidler, David
2003Monetary policy without money: Hamlet without the GhostLaidler, David
2006Three Lectures on Monetary Theory and Policy: Speaking Notes and Background PapersLaidler, David
2007Milton Friedman: A brief obituaryLaidler, David
2009Lucas, Keynes, and the crisisLaidler, David
2010Harvard, the Chicago tradition and the quantity theory: A reply to James AhiakporLaidler, David; Sandilands, Roger
2010The monetary economy and the economic crisisLaidler, David
2011Professor Fisher and the quantity theory: A significant encounterLaidler, David