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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1979 Herausforderung für UNCTAD VLütkenhorst, Wilfried
1979 The petrodollars and the world economyLütkenhorst, Wilfried; Minte, Horst
1982 Operationalising basic needs: A few fundamental reflectionsLütkenhorst, Wilfried
1982 Die Legitimation des GrundbedürfniszielsLütkenhorst, Wilfried
1983 Pacific basin interdependencies: A case for large-scale economic cooperation?Lütkenhorst, Wilfried
1984 Caught between self-destruction and reformLütkenhorst, Wilfried
1988 Challenges from new trends in foreign direct investmentLütkenhorst, Wilfried
1989 New technologies and industrialization prospects of developing countriesLütkenhorst, Wilfried
1993 The increasing role of the private sector in Asian industrial developmentLütkenhorst, Wilfried; Reinhardt, Jürgen
2014 Innovation paths in wind power: insights from Denmark and GermanyLema, Rasmus; Urban, Frauke; Nordensvard, Johan; Lütkenhorst, Wilfried
2014 Green industrial policy: managing transformation under uncertaintyLütkenhorst, Wilfried; Vidican, Georgeta; Altenburg, Tilman; Pegels, Anna
2016 Directing structural change: from tools to policyAltenburg, Tilman; Kleinz, Maria; Lütkenhorst, Wilfried
2017 Identifying future growth potentials: a consolidated approachAltenburg, Tilman; Lütkenhorst, Wilfried
2018 Creating wealth without labour? Emerging contours of a new techno-economic landscapeLütkenhorst, Wilfried
2020 Exporting out of China or out of Africa? Automation versus relocation in the global clothing industryAltenburg, Tilman; Chen, Xiao; Lütkenhorst, Wilfried; Staritz, Cornelia; Whitfield, Lindsay