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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2006 On the determinants of external imbalances and net international portfolio flows: a global perspectiveDe Santis, Roberto A.; Lührmann, Melanie
2007 Who wears the trousers? A semiparametric analysis of decision power in couplesLührmann, Melanie; Maurer, Jürgen
2012 Durable purchases over the later life cycleBrowning, Martin; Crossley, Thomas F.; Lührmann, Melanie
2012 Durable Purchases over the Later Life CycleBrowning, Martin; Crossley, Thomas; Lührmann, Melanie
2012 Teaching teenagers in finance: does it work?Lührmann, Melanie; Serra-Garcia, Marta; Winter, Joachim
2013 The effects of financial literacy training: Evidence from a field experiment in German high schoolsWinter, Joachim; Lührmann, Melanie; Serra Garcia, Marta
2014 "Making It Count": Evidence from a Field Study on Assessment Rules, Study Incentives and Student PerformanceChevalier, Arnaud; Dolton, Peter; Lührmann, Melanie
2014 The Impact of Financial Education on Adolescents' Intertemporal ChoicesLührmann, Melanie; Serra-Garcia, Marta; Winter, Joachim
2014 The impact of financial education on adolescents' intertemporal choicesLührmann, Melanie; Serra-Garcia, Marta; Winter, Joachim
2017 Peer effects in risky choices among adolescentsLucks, Konstantin E.; Lührmann, Melanie; Winter, Joachim
2018 Community matters: Heterogenous impacts of a sanitation interventionAbramovsky, Laura; Augsburg, Britta; Lührmann, Melanie; Oteiza, Francisco; Rud, Juan Pablo