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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2000 Carbon taxes and general joint implementation: an applied general equilibrium analysis for Germany and IndiaBöhringer, Christoph; Conrad, Klaus; Löschel, Andreas
2001 Environmental taxation and structural change in an open economy: a CGE analysis with imperfect competition and free entryBöhringer, Christoph; Welsch, Heinz; Löschel, Andreas
2001 EU enlargement and environmental policyLöschel, Andreas; Mraz, Marian
2001 Technological change in economic models of environmental policy: a surveyLöschel, Andreas
2001 Market power in international emissions trading : the impact of U.S. withdrawal from the Kyoto ProtocolBöhringer, Christoph; Löschel, Andreas
2002 Climate policy induced investments in developing countries: the implications of investment risksBöhringer, Christoph; Löschel, Andreas
2002 Recycling of eco-taxes, labor market effects and the true cost of labor: a CGE analysisLöschel, Andreas; Conrad, Klaus
2002 The Economic and Environmental Implications of the US Repudiation of the Kyoto Protocol and the Subsequent Deals in Bonn and MarrakechZhang, ZhongXiang; Löschel, Andreas
2002 Technological change in economic models of environmental policy: A surveyLöschel, Andreas
2002 The economic and environmental implications of the US repudiation of the Kyoto protocol and the subsequent deals in Bonn and MarrakechLöschel, Andreas; Zhang, Zhong Xiang
2003 Climate Policy Beyond Kyoto: Quo Vadis? A Computable General Equilibrium Analysis Based on Expert JudgementsBöhringer, Christoph; Löschel, Andreas
2004 Die Messung nachhaltiger Entwicklung mithilfe numerischer GleichgewichtsmodelleBöhringer, Christoph; Löschel, Andreas
2004 Efficiency Gains from "What"-Flexibility in Climate Policy: An Integrated CGE AssessmentBöhringer, Christoph; Löschel, Andreas; Rutherford, Thomas F.
2004 Measuring Sustainable Development: The Use of Computable General Equilibrium ModelsBöhringer, Christoph; Löschel, Andreas
2004 Assessing Emission Allocation in Europe: An Interactive Simulation ApproachLöschel, Andreas; Lange, Andreas; Hoffmann, Tim; Böhringer, Christoph; Moslener, Ulf
2005 Regionale Klimaschutzprogramme: zur integrierten Analyse von Kosten des Klimawandels und des Klimaschutzes auf regionaler EbeneFahl, Ulrich; Koschel, Henrike; Löschel, Andreas; Rühle, Bastian; Wolf, Helmut
2005 Decomposing Integrated Assessment Climate ChangeBöhringer, Christoph; Löschel, Andreas; Rutherford, Thomas F.
2005 Energy Biased Technical Change: A CGE AnalysisLöschel, Andreas; Otto, Vincent M.; Dellink, Rob B.
2005 Not Employed 37 Hours or Employed 41? A CGE Analysis for GermanyConrad, Klaus; Koschel, Henrike; Löschel, Andreas
2005 Impure Public Goods and Technological InterdependenciesLöschel, Andreas; Rübbelke, Dirk T. G.