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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1999The evolution of monetary policy in transition economiesKutan, Ali M.; Brada, Josef C.
1999The end of moderate inflation in three transition economies?Brada, Josef C.; Kutan, Ali M.
2000Inflation bias and productivity shocks in transition economies: The case of the Czech RepublicBrada, Josef C.; King, Arthur E.; Kutan, Ali M.
2000Sources of real exchange rate fluctuations in transition economies: The case of Ploand and HungaryDibooglu, Selahattin; Kutan, Ali M.
2001Detrending and the money-output link: International evidenceHafer, R. W.; Kutan, Ali M.
2001Balkan and Mediterranean candidates for European Union membership: The convergence of their monetary policy with that of the European Central BankBrada, Josef C.; Kutan, Ali M.
2001Is Kazakhstan vulnerable to the Dutch disease?Kuralbayeva, Karlygash; Kutan, Ali M.; Wyzan, Michael L.
2001Integration of the Baltic states into the EU and institutions of fiscal convergence: A critical evaluation of key issues and empirical evidenceKutan, Ali M.; Pautola-Mol, Niina
2001Investor panic, IMF actions, and emerging stock market returns and volatility: A panel investigationHayo, Bernd; Kutan, Ali M.
2001Opposites attract: The case of Greek and Turkish financial marketsDrakos, Konstantinos; Kutan, Ali M.
2001Regional effects of terrorism on tourism: Evidence from three Mediterranean countriesDrakos, Konstantinos; Kutan, Ali M.
2001Sources of inflation and output fluctuations in Poland and Hungary: Implications for full membership in the European UnionDibooglu, Selahattin; Kutan, Ali M.
2002Is there asymmetry in forward exchange rate bias? Multi-country evidenceZhou, Su; Kutan, Ali M.
2002Integration of the Baltic States into the EU and institutios of fiscal convergenceKutan, Ali M.; Pautola-Mol, Niina
2002Nominal and real stochastic convergence within transition economies and to the European Union: Evidence from panel dataKutan, Ali M.; Yigit, Taner M.
2002Real and monetary convergence within the European Union and between the European Union and candidate countries: A rolling cointegration approachBrada, Josef C.; Kutan, Ali M.; Zhou, Su
2002The impact of news, oil prices, and international spillovers on Russian financial marketsHayo, Bernd; Kutan, Ali M.
2002Has the link between the spot and forward exchange rates broken down? Evidence from rolling cointegration testsKutan, Ali M.; Zhou, Su
2003The effects of transition and political instability on foreign direct investment: Central Europe and the BalkansBrada, Josef C.; Kutan, Ali M.; Yigit, Taner M.
2004European integration, productivity growth and real convergenceYigit, Taner M.; Kutan, Ali M.