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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2000 The Determination of Wages and the Gender Wage Gap: A SurveyKunze, Astrid
2002 The Evolution of the Early Career Gender Wage GapKunze, Astrid
2002 High Skilled Migration and the Exertion of Effort by the Local PopulationEpstein, Gil S.; Kunze, Astrid; Ward, Melanie E.
2002 Gender Differences in Entry Wages and Early Career WagesKunze, Astrid
2002 The Timing of Careers and Human Capital DepreciationKunze, Astrid
2003 The Demand for High-skilled Workers and Immigration PolicyBauer, Thomas K.; Kunze, Astrid
2004 The demand for high-skilled workers and immigration policyBauer, Thomas K.; Kunze, Astrid
2004 Wage Dips and Drops around First BirthKunze, Astrid; Ejrnaes, Mette
2005 Vocational training and gender: wages and occupational mobility among young workersFitzenberger, Bernd; Kunze, Astrid
2005 Vocational Training and Gender: Wages and Occupational Mobility among young WorkersFitzenberger, Bernd; Kunze, Astrid
2007 Comparative advantage or discrimination? Studying male-female wage differentials using displaced workersKunze, Astrid; Troske, Kenneth R.
2009 Life-cycle patterns in male/female differences in job searchKunze, Astrid; Troske, Kenneth R.
2011 Work and wage dynamics around childbirthEjrnæs, Mette; Kunze, Astrid
2012 Work and wage dynamics around childbirthEjrnæs, Mette; Kunze, Astrid
2013 Gender differences in career progression: Does the effect of children capture low work effort?Kunze, Astrid
2014 The Family Gap in Career ProgressionKunze, Astrid
2014 Women Helping Women? Evidence from Private Sector Data on Workplace HierarchiesKunze, Astrid; Miller, Amalia
2014 Are All of the Good Men Fathers? The Effect of Having Children on EarningsKunze, Astrid
2016 The effect of children on earnings inequality among menKunze, Astrid
2016 Parental leave and maternal labor supplyKunze, Astrid