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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2000 Hiring and Firing Costs, Adverse SelectionSaint-Paul, Gilles; Kugler, Adriana D.
2002 Employee Referrals and Efficiency WagesKugler, Adriana D.
2002 Doctors Without Borders: The Returns to an Occupational License for Soviet Immigrant Physicians in IsraelKugler, Adriana D.; Sauer, Robert M.
2002 Protective or Counter-Productive? Labor Market Institutions and the Effect of Immigration on EU NativesAngrist, Joshua D.; Kugler, Adriana D.
2002 From Severance Pay to Self-Insurance: Effects of Severance Payments Savings Accounts in ColombiaKugler, Adriana D.
2003 Employment Consequences of Restrictive Permanent Contracts: Evidence from Spanish Labor Market ReformsKugler, Adriana D.; Jimeno, Juan F.; Hernanz, Virginia
2003 Effects of employment protection and product market regulations on the Italian labor marketKugler, Adriana D.; Pica, Giovanni
2003 The Labor Market Effects of Payroll Taxes in a Middle-Income Country: Evidence from ColombiaKugler, Adriana D.; Kugler, Maurice
2005 Factor adjustments after deregulation: panel evidence from Colombian plantsEslava, Marcela; Haltiwanger, John; Kugler, Adriana D.; Kugler, Maurice
2005 Effects of employment protection on worker and job flows: evidence from the 1990 Italian reformKugler, Adriana D.; Pica, Giovanni
2007 Rural windfall or a new resource curse? coca, income, and civil conflict in ColombiaAngrist, Joshua D.; Kugler, Adriana D.
2007 Do employment protections reduce productivity? Evidence from US statesAutor, David H.; Kerr, William R.; Kugler, Adriana D.
2008 Effects of low-skilled immigration on U.S. natives: evidence from Hurricane MitchKugler, Adriana D.; Yuksel, Mutlu
2009 Subsidizing vocational training for disadvantaged youth in developing countries: evidence from a randomized trialAttanasio, Orazio P.; Kugler, Adriana D.; Meghir, Costas
2009 Trade reforms and market selection: evidence from manufacturing plants in ColombiaEslava Mejía, Marcela; Haltiwanger, John; Kugler, Adriana D.; Kugler, Maurice
2015 What factors contributed to changes in employment during and after the Great Recession?Farooq, Ammar; Kugler, Adriana D.