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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2012 Empirical analysis of regional economic performance in Russia: Human capital perspectiveKufenko, Vadim
2014 The political Kuznets curve for Russia: Income inequality, rent seeking regional elites and empirical determinants of protests during 2011/2012Hagemann, Harald; Kufenko, Vadim
2014 The role of Old Believers' enterprises: Evidence from the nineteenth century Moscow textile industryRaskov, Danila; Kufenko, Vadim
2015 Stylized facts of the business cycle: Universal phenomenon, or institutionally determined?Kufenko, Vadim; Geiger, Niels
2015 Infant mortality and the role of seigneurial tenure in Canada East, 1851Arsenault Morin, Alex; Geloso, Vincent; Kufenko, Vadim
2015 Malthusian pressures: Empirical evidence from a frontier economyGeloso, Vincent; Kufenko, Vadim
2015 Business cycles in the economy and in economics: An econometric analysisGeiger, Niels; Kufenko, Vadim
2016 Continuity under a different name: The outcome of privatisation in SerbiaIvanovic, Vladan; Kufenko, Vadim; Begovic, Boris; Stanisic, Nenad; Geloso, Vincent
2016 Demographic change and regional convergence in CanadaGeloso, Vincent; Kufenko, Vadim; Prettner, Klaus
2016 Monopsony and industrial development in nineteenth century Quebec: The impact of seigneurial tenureArsenault Morin, Alex; Geloso, Vincent; Kufenko, Vadim
2016 You can't always get what you want? Estimator choice and the speed of convergenceKufenko, Vadim; Prettner, Klaus
2016 Spurious periodicities in cliometric series: Simultaneous testingKufenko, Vadim
2016 Living standards in Lower Canada, 1831Geloso, Vincent; Kufenko, Vadim; Villeneuve, Remy
2017 Inequality and guard labor, or prohibition and guard labor?Geloso, Vincent; Kufenko, Vadim
2017 Divergence, convergence, and the history-augmented Solow modelKufenko, Vadim; Prettner, Klaus; Geloso, Vincent
2018 Does size matter? Implications of household size for economic growth and convergenceKufenko, Vadim; Geloso, Vincent; Prettner, Klaus
2019 Who are the champions? Inequality, economic freedom and the olympicsKufenko, Vadim; Geloso, Vincent
2020 Going Beyond GDP with a Parsimonious Indicator: Inequality-Adjusted Healthy Lifetime IncomeBloom, David E.; Fan, Victoria Y.; Kufenko, Vadim; Ogbuoji, Osondu; Prettner, Klaus; Yamey, Gavin
2020 Spurring Economic Growth through Human Development: Research Results and Guidance for PolicymakersBloom, David E.; Khoury, Alexander; Kufenko, Vadim; Prettner, Klaus
2020 Going beyond GDP with a parsimonious indicator: Inequality-adjusted healthy lifetime incomeBloom, David E.; Fan, Victoria Y.; Kufenko, Vadim; Ogbuoji, Osondu; Prettner, Klaus; Yamey, Gavin