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2009 The Economic Optimality of Sanction Mechanisms in Interorganizational Ego Networks – A Game Theoretical Analysis –Kudic, Muhamed; Banaszak, Marc
2010 Analyzing Innovation Drivers in the German Laser Industry: the Role of Positioning in the Social and Geographical SpaceKudic, Muhamed; Bönisch, Peter; Dominguez Lacasa, Iciar
2011 Kooperationsintensität und Kooperationsförderung in der deutschen LaserindustrieKudic, Muhamed; Guhr, Katja; Bullmer, I.; Günther, Jutta
2012 Determinants of Evolutionary Change Processes in Innovation Networks – Empirical Evidence from the German Laser IndustryKudic, Muhamed; Pyka, Andreas; Günther, Jutta
2013 Cooperation Events, Ego-Network Characteristics and Firm Innovativeness – Empirical Evidence from the German Laser IndustryKudic, Muhamed; Guhr, Katja
2013 Network Formation: R&D Cooperation Propensity and Timing Among German Laser Source ManufacturersKudic, Muhamed; Pyka, Andreas; Sunder, Marco
2014 Exploring the Evolution of Innovation Networks in Science-driven and Scale-intensive Industries: New Evidence from a Stochastic Actor-based ApproachBuchmann, Tobias; Hain, Daniel; Kudic, Muhamed; Müller, Matthias
2015 Isolation and Innovation – Two Contradictory Concepts? Explorative Findings from the German Laser IndustryKudic, Muhamed; Ehrenfeld, Wilfried; Pusch, Toralf
2015 Simulating knowledge diffusion in four structurally distinct networks: An agent-based simulation modelMueller, Matthias; Bogner, Kristina; Buchmann, Tobias; Kudic, Muhamed
2016 Preferential attachment and pattern formation in R&D networks: Plausible explanation or just a widespread myth?Fritsch, Michael; Kudic, Muhamed
2018 Does sequential decision-making trigger collective investment in automobile R&D? Experimental evidenceBuchmann, Tobias; Haering, Alexander; Kudic, Muhamed; Rothgang, Michael
2019 Micro fluidity and macro stability in inventor networksFritsch, Michael; Kudic, Muhamed