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2012 The interplay between credit standards and credit demand: Microeconometric evidence from DenmarkKuchler, Andreas
2012 A micro-econometric analysis of the banks' loan rejection rates and the creditworthiness of the banks' corporate customersAbildgren, Kim; Drejer, Peter Askjær; Kuchler, Andreas
2013 The efficiency of Danish banks before and during the crisis: A comparison of DEA and SFAKuchler, Andreas
2015 Loan types, leverage, and savings behaviour of Danish householdsKuchler, Andreas
2015 Firm leverage and investment during the cirsisKuchler, Andreas
2016 Overoptimism and house price bubblesAbildgren, Kim; Hansen, Niels Lynggård; Kuchler, Andreas
2016 Credit standards and capital allocation in a low interest rate environmentAndersen, Svend Greniman; Kuchler, Andreas
2017 Non-parametric estimation of marginal propensities to consume: The case of regression splinesJørgensen, Casper Nordal; Kuchler, Andreas
2017 Consumption and savings in a low interest-rate environmentHviid, Simon Juul; Kuchler, Andreas
2018 Consistency between household-level consumption data from registers and surveysAbildgren, Kim; Kuchler, Andreas; Rasmussen, America Solange Lohmann; Sørensen, Henrik Sejerbo
2018 Consumption heterogeneity: Micro drivers and macro implicationsCrawley, Edmund; Kuchler, Andreas
2019 Revisiting the inflation perception conundrumAbildgren, Kim; Kuchler, Andreas
2020 Mandatory pension savings and long-run debt accumulation: Evidence from Danish register dataAndersen, Henrik Yde; Hansen, Niels Lynggård; Kuchler, Andreas
2020 Covid-19-krisen hæmmer dansk vækstpotentialeBess, Mikkel; Kuchler, Andreas; Werner, Morten
2020 Forbruget dykker midlertidigt på grund af coronaAndersen, Svend Greniman; Bech, Stine Ludvig; Hviid, Simon Juul; Kuchler, Andreas
2021 Firm financing and public support measures during the pandemicJulin, Ida Rommedahl; Kuchler, Andreas; Otte, Alexander Meldgaard