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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2014 What are the main drivers of the Bitcoin price? Evidence from wavelet coherence analysisKristoufek, Ladislav
2014 The perspectives for genetically modified cellulosic ethanol in the Czech RepublicBlahova, Pavla; Janda, Karel; Kristoufek, Ladislav
2014 Leverage effect in energy futuresKristoufek, Ladislav
2014 Measuring capital market efficiency: Long-term memory, fractal dimension and approximate entropyKristoufek, Ladislav; Vosvrda, Miloslav
2015 Nowcasting unemployment rates with Google searches: Evidence from the Visegrad Group countriesPavlicek, Jaroslav; Kristoufek, Ladislav
2015 Underpricing, underperformance and overreaction in initial pubic offerings: Evidence from investor attention using online searchesVakrman, Tomas; Kristoufek, Ladislav
2015 Rockets and feathers meet Joseph: Reinvestigating the oil-gasoline asymmetry on the international marketsKristoufek, Ladislav; Lunackova, Petra
2016 Herding, minority game, market clearing and efficient markets in a simple spin model frameworkKristoufek, Ladislav; VoŇ°vrda, Miloslav S.
2016 Foods, Fuels or Finances: Which Prices Matter for Biofuels?Filip, Ondrej; Janda, Karel; Kristoufek, Ladislav; Zilberman, David
2017 Prices of Biofuels and Related Commodities: An Example of Combined Economics and Graph Theory ApproachFilip, Ondrej; Janda, Karel; Kristoufek, Ladislav
2017 Food versus Fuel: An Updated and Expanded EvidenceFilip, Ondrej; Janda, Karel; Kristoufek, Ladislav; Zilberman, David