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2004Does Low Job Satisfaction Lead to Job Mobility?Kristensen, Nicolai; Westergård-Nielsen, Niels Christian
2006A large-scale validation study of measurement errors in longitudinal survey dataKristensen, Nicolai; Westergård-Nielsen, Niels Christian
2007Job satisfaction and co-worker wages: status or signal?Clark, Andrew E.; Kristensen, Nicolai; Westergård-Nielsen, Niels Christian
2008Estimating complementarity between education and trainingBelzil, Christian; Hansen, Jörgen; Kristensen, Nicolai
2008Economic satisfaction and income rank in small neighbourhoodsClark, Andrew E.; Kristensen, Nicolai; Westergård-Nielsen, Niels Christian
2009External validation of the use of vignettes in cross-country health studiesGupta, Nabanita Datta; Kristensen, Nicolai; Pozzoli, Dario
2010Wages or fringes? Some evidence on trade-offs and sortingEriksson, Tor; Kristensen, Nicolai
2012Training and retirementKristensen, Nicolai
2016Consumption Smoothing in the Demand for Health CareKristensen, Nicolai; Andersen, Henrik Lindegaard
2017Building Human or Criminal Capital? School Peer Effects on Future OffendingØstergaard Larsen, Britt; Kristensen, Nicolai
2018The Timing of Instruction Time: Accumulated Hours, Timing and Pupil AchievementBingley, Paul; Heinesen, Eskil; Krassel, Karl Fritjof; Kristensen, Nicolai
2020The Bottom 20%: Early Career Paths of Adolescents with Low GPAHansen, Jörgen; Kristensen, Nicolai; Andersen, Henrik Lindegaard
2022Reward or Punishment? The Distribution of Life-Cycle Returns to Political OfficeDahlgaard, Jens Olav; Kristensen, Nicolai; Larsen, Frederik Kjøller