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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2008 Theorie und Empirie über den Wirkungszusammenhang zwischen sozialer Herkunft, kulturellem und sozialem Kapital, Bildung und Einkommen in der Bundesrepublik DeutschlandKrenz, Astrid
2010 La distinction reloaded: Returns to education, family background, cultural and social capital in GermanyKrenz, Astrid
2010 Services sectors' agglomeration and its interdependence with industrial agglomeration in the European UnionKrenz, Astrid
2010 Industrial localization and countries' specialization in the European Union: An empirical investigationKrenz, Astrid; Rübel, Gerhard
2012 Modeling services sectors' agglomeration within a new economic geography modelKrenz, Astrid
2012 A panel co-integration analysis of industrial and services sectors' agglomeration in the European UnionKrenz, Astrid
2013 Services sectors' concentration: The European Union, Greece, and the New Economic GeographyKrenz, Astrid
2013 Cross-country heterogeneity and endogeneity bias in life satisfaction estimations - Macro- and micro-level evidence for advanced, developing and transition countriesKrenz, Astrid
2013 Political institutions and trade-evidence for the long-run relationship and causalityKrenz, Astrid
2014 European market integration and the determinants of firm localization: The case of PolandGehringer, Agnieszka; Krenz, Astrid
2014 Agglomeration of knowledge: A regional economic analysis for the German economyKrenz, Astrid
2015 Democracy and international trade: Differential effects from a panel quantile regression frameworkAbeliansky, Ana; Krenz, Astrid
2016 Democracy and International Trade: Differential Effects from a Panel Quantile Regression FrameworkKrenz, Astrid; Abeliansky, Ana
2016 Do political institutions influence international trade? Measurement of institutions and the Long-Run effectsKrenz, Astrid
2016 Agglomeration of knowledge in the German regional economyKrenz, Astrid
2016 Firm structure and the location decision of German manufacturing firms: Evidence from official firm-level dataKrenz, Astrid
2018 Robots, reshoring, and the lot of low-skilled workersKrenz, Astrid; Prettner, Klaus; Strulik, Holger
2019 Firm heterogeneity, productivity, and the extensive margins of trade - differences between manufacturing firms in East and West GermanyKrenz, Astrid
2019 The gender gap in international trade: Female-run firms and the exporter productivity premiumKrenz, Astrid
2019 Menstruation hygiene management and work attendance in a developing countryKrenz, Astrid; Strulik, Holger