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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1993 A Post Keynesian Explanation of the Causes of the Current World SlupmKregel, Jan
2000 The Brazilian Crisis: From Inertial Inflation to Fiscal FragilityKregel, Jan
2007 Nurkse and the role of finance in development economicsKregel, Jan
2007 The natural instability of financial marketsKregel, Jan
2008 The discrete charm of the Washington ConsensusKregel, Jan
2008 Financial flows and international imbalances: The role of catching up by late-industrializing developing countriesKregel, Jan
2008 Changes in the US financial system and the subprime crisisKregel, Jan
2008 Minsky's cushions of safety: Systemic risk and the crisis in the US subprime mortgage marketKregel, Jan
2009 Background considerations to a regulation of the US financial system: third time a charm? Or strike three?Kregel, Jan
2009 Managing the impact of volatility in international capital markets in an uncertain worldKregel, Jan
2009 It's that vision thing: Why the bailouts aren't working, and why a new financial system is neededKregel, Jan
2009 The global crisis and the implications for developing countries and the BRICs: Is the B really justified?Kregel, Jan
2010 Is reregulation of the financial system an oxymoron?Kregel, Jan
2010 Is this the Minsky moment for reform of financial regulation?Kregel, Jan
2010 Fiscal responsibility: What exactly does it mean?Kregel, Jan
2010 An alternative perspective on global imbalances and international reserve currenciesKregel, Jan
2010 No going back: Why we cannot restore Glass-Steagall's segregation of banking and financeKregel, Jan
2011 Debtors' crisis or creditors' crisis? Who pays for the European sovereign and subprime mortgage losses?Kregel, Jan
2012 Diversity and uniformity in economic theory as an explanation of the recent economic crisisKregel, Jan
2012 Minsky and the narrow banking proposal: No solution for financial reformKregel, Jan