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2007 Do Search Frictions Matter for Inflation Dynamics?Krause, Michael; López-Salido, José David; Lubik, Thomas A.
2007 Does intra-firm bargaining matter for business cycle dynamics?Krause, Michael; Lubik, Thomas A.
2007 On-the-job search and the cyclical dynamics of the labor marketKrause, Michael; Lubik, Thomas A.
2010 Aggregate Hours Adjustment in Frictional Labor MarketsKrause, Michael; Lubik, Thomas A.
2010 Instability and indeterminacy in a simple search and matching modelKrause, Michael; Lubik, Thomas A.
2011 Long-run growth expectations and 'global imbalances'Hoffmann, Mathias; Krause, Michael; Laubach, Thomas
2013 The Expectations-Driven U.S. Current AccountKrause, Michael; Hoffmann, Mathias; Laubach, Thomas
2014 International Capital Flows, External Assets and Output VolatilityHoffmann, Matthias; Krause, Michael; Tillmann, Peter
2014 International Capital Flows, External Assets, and Output VolatilityKrause, Michael; Hoffmann, Mathias; Tillmann, Peter
2014 International capital flows, external assets and output volatilityHoffmann, Mathias; Krause, Michael; Tillmann, Peter
2017 Makroökonomische Folgen des gesetzlichen Mindestlohns aus neoklassisch geprägter Perspektive. Abschlussbericht an die Bundesanstalt für Arbeitsschutz und Arbeitsmedizin (BAuA)Döhrn, Roland; Braun, Helge; Krause, Michael; Micheli, Martin; Schmidt, Torsten
2020 Rebalancing the euro area: Is wage adjustment in Germany the answer?Hoffmann, Mathias; Kliem, Martin; Krause, Michael; Moyen, Stephane; Sauer, Radek
2020 Macroeconomic Long-Run Effects of the German Minimum Wage when Labor Markets are FrictionalBraun, Helge; Döhrn, Roland; Krause, Michael; Micheli, Martin; Schmidt, Torsten