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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1998 Regularity and Cointegration in Demand SystemsKratena, Kurt; Wüger, Michael
1999 Inter-Fuel Substitution, Energy Demand and Embodied Technical ChangeKratena, Kurt
2000 Demand Shifts, Labour Mobility and Unemployment PersistenceKratena, Kurt
2000 Prices and Factor Demand in an Endogenized Input-Output ModelKratena, Kurt
2001 The "Employment Double Dividend" of Environmental Tax Reform: An Open Question?Kratena, Kurt
2001 Real Trade Costs, Fragmentation and EmploymentKratena, Kurt; Wüger, Michael
2001 A Tale of Competition between Eastern and Southern Europe (Rerum Concordia Discors)Egger, Peter; Kratena, Kurt
2001 "Ecological Value Added" in an Integrated Ecosystem-Economy Model. An Indicator for SustainabilityKratena, Kurt
2001 MULTIMAC IV: A Disaggregated Econometric Model of the Austrian EconomyKratena, Kurt; Zakarias, Gerold
2002 Road Pricing for Heavy Goods Vehicles Transport. Assessing the Economic Impact in a Disaggregated Macroeconometric ModelKratena, Kurt; Puwein, Wilfried
2002 E3 Impacts of Domestic Emissions Trading Regimes in Liberalised Energy Markets. Carbon Leakage or Double Dividend?Kletzan, Daniela; Köppl, Angela; Kratena, Kurt
2003 Should High-tax Countries Pursue Revenue-neutral Ecological Tax Reforms? A CommentKratena, Kurt
2003 The Role of Technology in Interfuel Substitution: A Combined Cross-Section and Time Series ApproachKratena, Kurt; Wüger, Michael
2004 Regularity and Long-run Dynamics in Consumer Demand SystemsKratena, Kurt; Wüger, Michael; Zakarias, Gerold
2004 A Consumers Demand Model with "Energy Flows", Stocks and "Energy Services"Kratena, Kurt; Wüger, Michael
2004 Intra-Industry Trade and Input DemandKratena, Kurt
2006 International Outsourcing and Labour with Sector-specific Human CapitalKratena, Kurt
2006 Mittelfristige Beschäftigungsprognose für Österreich bis 2010: Berufliche und sektorale Veränderungen vor dem Hintergrund des globalen WandelsHuber, Peter; Huemer, Ulrike; Kratena, Kurt; Mahringer, Helmut
2007 From Ecological Footprint to Ecological Rent: An Economic Indicator for Resource ConstraintsKratena, Kurt
2008 Combining a Demand System with the Household Production Approach. Modelling Energy Demand in Selected European CountriesKratena, Kurt; Wüger, Michael