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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2000 The Tail of Two Countries: Minimum Wages and Employment in France and the United StatesAbowd, John M.; Kramarz, Francis; Margolis, David N.; Philippon, Thomas
2000 The Impact of Differential Payroll Tax Subsidies on Minimum Wage EmploymentPhilippon, Thomas; Kramarz, Francis
2002 Does Entry Regulation Hinder Job Creation? Evidence from the French Retail IndustryBertrand, Marianne; Kramarz, Francis
2002 Employed 40 Hours or Not-Employed 39: Lessons from the 1982 Mandatory Reduction of the WorkweekCrépon, Bruno; Kramarz, Francis
2004 The Shape of Hiring and Separation CostsMichaud, Marie-Laure; Kramarz, Francis
2005 Interfirm Mobility, Wages, and the Returns to Seniority and Experience in the U.S.Buchinsky, Moshe; Fougère, Denis; Kramarz, Francis; Tchernis, Rusty
2006 The returns to seniority in France (and why are they lower than in the United States?)Beffy, Magali; Buchinsky, Moshe; Fougère, Denis; Kamionka, Thierry; Kramarz, Francis
2006 Social networks in the boardroomKramarz, Francis; Thesmar, David
2006 Youth unemployment and crime in FranceFougère, Denis; Kramarz, Francis; Pouget, Julien
2008 What makes a test score? The respective contributions of pupils, schools, and peers in achievement in English primary educationKramarz, Francis; Machin, Stephen; Ouazad, Amine
2008 Teachers' training, class size and students' outcomes: learning from administrative forecasting mistakesBressoux, Pascal; Kramarz, Francis; Prost, Corinne
2011 Labor disputes and labor flowsFraisse, Henri; Kramarz, Francis; Prost, Corinne
2011 Social housing and location choices of immigrants in FranceFougère, Denis; Kramarz, Francis; Rathelot, Roland; Safi, Mirna
2011 When strong ties are strong: Networks and youth labor market entryKramarz, Francis; Nordström Skans, Oskar
2012 Persistent inter-industry wage differences: Rent sharing and opportunity costsAbowd, John M.; Kramarz, Francis; Lengermann, Paul Lengermann; McKinney, Kevin L.; Roux, Sébastien
2014 Sorting Between and Within Industries: A Testable Model of Assortative MatchingAbowd, John M.; Kramarz, Francis; Pérez-Duarte, Sébastien; Schmutte, Ian M.
2017 The causal impact of social connections on firms' outcomesEliason, Marcus; Hensvik, Lena; Kramarz, Francis; Nordström Skans, Oskar
2017 Job mobility and creative destruction: Flexicurity in the land of SchumpeterKettemann, Andreas; Kramarz, Francis; Zweimüller, Josef
2018 When Short-Time Work WorksCahuc, Pierre; Kramarz, Francis; Nevoux, Sandra
2018 The Task Content of OccupationsBittarello, Luca; Kramarz, Francis; Maitre, Alexis