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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2000 Management Control and Innovative ActivityCzarnitzki, Dirk; Kraft, Kornelius
2000 Haftungsregeln und InnovationCzarnitzki, Dirk; Kraft, Kornelius
2000 An empirical test of the asymmetric models on innovative activity: who invests more into R&D - the incumbent or the challenger?Czarnitzki, Dirk; Kraft, Kornelius
2001 Firm leadership and innovative performance: evidence from seven EU CountriesKraft, Kornelius; Czarnitzki, Dirk
2001 Unternehmensleitung und InnovationserfolgCzarnitzki, Dirk; Kraft, Kornelius
2002 Measuring the impact of innovation on firm value: a new approachKraft, Kornelius; Czarnitzki, Dirk
2004 Capital Control, Debt Financing and Innovative ActivityCzarnitzki, Dirk; Kraft, Kornelius
2004 On the Profitability of Innovative AssetsKraft, Kornelius; Czarnitzki, Dirk
2004 Are Credit Ratings Valuable Information?Kraft, Kornelius; Czarnitzki, Dirk
2004 Co-Determination, Efficiency, and ProductivityFitzRoy, Felix R.; Kraft, Kornelius
2005 License Expenditures of Incumbents and Potential Entrants: An Empirical Analysis of Firm BehaviorCzarnitzki, Dirk; Kraft, Kornelius
2006 Do Spillovers Stimulate Incremental or Drastic Product Innovations? Hypotheses and Evidence from German Establishment DataJirjahn, Uwe; Kraft, Kornelius
2006 R&D and Firm Performance in a Transition EconomyCzarnitzki, Dirk; Kraft, Kornelius
2006 Die Effizienzwirkungen der gesetzlichen MitbestimmungKraft, Kornelius
2007 Mitarbeiteranreizsysteme und InnovationserfolgCzarnitzki, Dirk; Kraft, Kornelius
2007 Spillovers of Innovation Activities and Their ProfitabilityCzarnitzki, Dirk; Kraft, Kornelius
2008 Teamwork and intra-firm wage dispersion among blue-collar workersJirjahn, Uwe; Kraft, Kornelius
2008 The Knowledge Production of 'R' and 'D'Thorwarth, Susanne; Kraft, Kornelius; Czarnitzki, Dirk
2008 The Effect of Entry on R&D Investment of Leaders: Theory and Empirical EvidenceCzarnitzki, Dirk; Etro, Federico Gabriele; Kraft, Kornelius
2008 Barriers to Entry and ProfitabilityHeger, Diana; Kraft, Kornelius