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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2009 Ready to leave the ivory tower? Academic scientists' appeal to work in the private sectorFritsch, Michael; Krabel, Stefan
2009 The internationalization of science and its influence on academic entrepreneurshipKrabel, Stefan; Siegel, Donald S.; Slavtchev, Viktor
2011 Here today, gone tomorrow? Regional labor mobility of German university graduatesKrabel, Stefan; Flöther, Choni
2012 The tax and the mighty: Tax payer concentration lowers local business taxation in German MunicipalitiesBischoff, Ivo; Krabel, Stefan
2012 Gens una sumus?! Or does political ideology affect experts' aesthetic judgment of chess gamesFrank, Björn; Krabel, Stefan
2012 The influence of leadership on academic scientists' propensity to commercialize research findingsKrabel, Stefan; Schacht, Alexander
2014 You can't always get what you want: Gender differences in job satisfaction of university graduatesBönte, Werner; Krabel, Stefan
2014 Gender and Immigration: Double Negative Effects in the Labor Market Outcomes of University Graduates in Germany?Bünstorf, Guido; Krabel, Stefan
2015 Individual performance after success and failure: A natural experimentBühren, Christoph; Krabel, Stefan
2019 Österreichischer Forschungs- und Technologiebericht 2019Ecker, Brigitte; Brunner, Philipp; Christmann-Budian, Stephanie; Fischl, Iris; Gassler, Helmut; Gogola, Gerald; Hartmann, Ernst; Heckl, Eva; Kaufmann, Peter; Krabel, Stefan; Mayer, Katja; Mozhova, Anastasia; Pechar, Hans; Radauer, Alfred; Reiner, Christian; Ruhland, Sascha; Sardadvar, Sascha; Schneider, Herwig W.; Schuch, Klaus; Sturn, Dorothea; Tiefenthaler, Brigitte; Warta, Katharina; Welp-Park, Elke