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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2006 Why do companies go private in emerging markets? Evidence from PolandJackowicz, Krzysztof; Kowalewski, Oskar
2007 Corporate governance and dividend policy in PolandKowalewski, Oskar; Stetsyuk, Ivan; Talavera, Oleksandr
2009 Benchmarking Strategies and Methodologies of National, European and International R&D Programmes, to Assess and Increase Their Impact on Innovation (ImpLore). Report to Lot 2 of European Commission Tender ENTR/04/96: “Analysing and Evaluating the Impact on Innovation of Publicly-Funded Research Programmes”Breitfuss, Marija; Filippidou, Sophia; Goetz, Marta; Globisch, Sabine; Gomulka, Marcin; Guy, Ken; Hartmann, Ernst A.; Hunter, Angus; Kostopoulos, Kostas; Kowalewski, Oskar; Kreibich, Miriam; Licht, Georg; Nauwelaers, Claire; Polt, Wolfgang; Prastacos, Gregory; Rammer, Christian; Runiewicz-Wardyn, Malgorzata; Schindler, Rebecca; Schmidmayer, Julia; Schmiele, Anja
2010 Why do foreign banks withdraw from other countries? A panel data analysisHryckiewicz, Aneta; Kowalewski, Oskar
2011 The short and long term performance persistence in the Central European banking industryJackowicz, Krzysztof; Kowalewski, Oskar; Kozłowski, Łukasz
2011 Divestments in banking: Preliminary evidence on the role of external factorsJackowicz, Krzysztof; Kowalewski, Oskar
2011 Wojna walutowaKowalewski, Oskar; Pierdzioch, Christian; Stadtmann, Georg
2012 Corporate Governance and Pension Fund PerformanceKowalewski, Oskar
2013 Market discipline during crisis: Evidence from bank depositors in transition countriesHasan, Iftekhar; Jackowicz, Krzysztof; Kowalewski, Oskar; Kozłowski, Łukasz
2014 Bank ownership structure, SME lending and local credit marketsHasan, Iftekhar; Jackowicz, Krzysztof; Kowalewski, Oskar; Kozłowski, Łukasz
2014 Politically connected firms in Poland and their access to bank financingHasan, Iftekhar; Jackowicz, Krzysztof; Kowalewski, Oskar; Kozłowski, Łukasz