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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2010 Stressed, not frozen: The federal funds market in the financial crisisAfonso, Gara; Kovner, Anna; Schoar, Antoinette
2010 Do underwriters matter? The impact of the near loss of an equity underwriterKovner, Anna
2012 The private premium in public bondsKovner, Anna; Wei, Chenyang
2012 Doing well by doing good? Community development venture capitalKovner, Anna; Lerner, Josh
2013 Trading partners in the interbank lending marketAfonso, Gara; Kovner, Anna; Schoar, Antoinette
2013 How do global banks scramble for liquidity? Evidence from the asset-backed commercial paper freeze of 2007Acharya, Viral V.; Afonso, Gara; Kovner, Anna
2013 Evaluating the quality of fed funds lending estimates produced from fedwire payments dataKovner, Anna; Skeie, David
2014 The capital and loss assessment under stress scenarios (CLASS) modelHirtle, Beverly; Kovner, Anna; Vickery, James; Bhanot, Meru
2015 Evaluating the information in the Federal Reserve stress testsFlannery, Mark; Hirtle, Beverly J.; Kovner, Anna
2015 Supervising large, complex financial companies: What do supervisors do?Eisenbach, Thomas; Haughwout, Andrew; Hirtle, Beverly J.; Kovner, Anna; Lucca, David O.; Plosser, Matthew
2016 The impact of supervision on bank performanceHirtle, Beverly J.; Kovner, Anna; Plosser, Matthew
2018 Regulatory changes and the cost of capital for banksKovner, Anna; Van Tassel, Peter
2020 It's What You Say and What You Buy: A Holistic Evaluation of the Corporate Credit FacilitiesBoyarchenko, Nina; Kovner, Anna; Shachar, Or
2020 The market events of mid-September 2019Afonso, Gara; Cipriani, Marco; Copeland, Adam; Kovner, Anna; La Spada, Gabriele; Martin, Antoine
2020 It's what you say and what you buy: A holistic evaluation of the corporate credit facilitiesBoyarchenko, Nina; Kovner, Anna; Shachar, Or
2020 Bank capital and real GDP growthBoyarchenko, Nina; Giannone, Domenico; Kovner, Anna
2021 Measuring corporate bond market dislocationsBoyarchenko, Nina; Crump, Richard K.; Kovner, Anna; Shachar, Or
2021 Cyber risk and the U.S. financial system: A pre-mortem analysisEisenbach, Thomas M.; Kovner, Anna; Lee, Michael Junho