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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2012 Digital Urban Network Connectivity: Global and Chinese Internet PatternsTranos, Emmanouil; Kourtit, Karima; Nijkamp, Peter
2013 New entrepreneurship in urban diasporas in our modern worldKourtit, Karima; Nijkamp, Peter; van Leeuwen, Eveline S.
2013 Socio-cultural Diversity and Urban BuzzArribas-Bel, Daniel; Kourtit, Karima; Nijkamp, Peter
2013 The Spatial Distribution of Creative Industries and Cultural Heritage in The NetherlandsKourtit, Karima; Möhlmann, Jan; Nijkamp, Peter; Rouwendal, Jan
2013 In Search of Creative Champions in High-Tech SpacesKourtit, Karima; Nijkamp, Peter
2013 High Performance in Complex Spatial Systems: A Self-Organizing Mapping Approach with Reference to The NetherlandsKourtit, Karima; Arribas-Bel, Daniel; Nijkamp, Peter
2013 The Rat Race Between World Cities: In Search of Exceptional Places by Means of Super-Efficient Data Development AnalysisKourtit, Karima; Nijkamp, Peter; Suzuki, Soushi
2013 Residents’ Appreciation of Cultural Heritage in Tourist Centres - A Micro-simulation Modelling Approach to Amsterdamvan Leeuwen, Eveline; Kourtit, Karima; Nijkamp, Peter
2013 A Multi-Actor Multi-Criteria Analysis of the Performance of Global CitiesKourtit, Karima; Macharis, Cathy; Nijkamp, Peter
2013 The Creative Urban Diaspora Economy: A Disparity Analysis among Migrant EntrepreneursKourtit, Karima; Nijkamp, Peter; Arribas-Bel, Daniel
2016 Towards a regional science academy: A manifestoNijkamp, Peter; Kourtit, Karima
2017 Fortunado’s, Desperado’s and Clandestino’s in Diaspora Labour Markets: The Circular 'Homo Mobilis'Kourtit, Karima; Nijkamp, Peter; Gheasi, Masood