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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1983 Regional policy in Third World countriesKopp, Andreas
1993 Spatial competition and equilibrium in a circular marketKopp, Andreas
1993 The effects of trade liberalization with spatial marketsKopp, Andreas
1994 Price search, bargaining and agglomerationKopp, Andreas
1994 International factor movements and trade: The basic issuesKopp, Andreas
1994 Determinanten des Bevölkerungswachstums in EntwicklungsländernKopp, Andreas
1995 Public sector capital and labour productivity: West German federal states and spatial interdependenceKopp, Andreas
1996 Sozialpolitik im Transformationsprozeß Mittel- und OsteuropasHeinrich, Ralph P.; Koop, Michael J.; Boss, Alfred; Gröhn, Andreas; Kopp, Andreas; Rosenschon, Astrid; Schmidt, Rainer
1996 Layoffs, job search and labour market poolingKopp, Andreas
1997 Adaptive behavior, choice of residential location and localization of labor marketsKopp, Andreas
1998 Provision of public goods, voting and agglomerative biasKopp, Andreas
1999 Direct Communication, Costs of Networking and Localisation of Technical KnowledgeKopp, Andreas
1999 Local public goods, adaptive migration decisions and agglomerative biasKopp, Andreas
1999 Direct communication, costs of networking and localisation of technical knowledgeKopp, Andreas
2000 City size distribution and growthKopp, Andreas
2000 Openness, Intermediate Imports and GrowthKopp, Andreas
2005 Aggregate Productivity Effects of Road Investment - A Reassessment for Western EuropeKopp, Andreas