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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1994 Does the common labor market imply the need for a European public pension system?Breyer, Friedrich; Kolmar, Martin
1996 The illusion of intergenerational preference aggregation: Limits of individualistic population ethicsKolmar, Martin; Stolte, Klaus
1996 Intergenerational redistribution in a small open economy with endogenous fertilityKolmar, Martin
1996 To fight or not to fight? An analysis of submission, struggle, and the design of contestsKörber, Achim; Kolmar, Martin
1997 Zur Effizienz nationaler Sozialversicherungssysteme in der Europäischen UnionKolmar, Martin
1997 Optimal intergenerational redistribution and strategic incentives with two countries and endogenous fertility: Theory and application to the European UnionKolmar, Martin
2000 Self-Correcting Mechanisms in Public Procurement: Why Award and Contract Should be SeparatedBoes, Dieter; Kolmar, Martin
2000 Residence-based Capital Taxation: Why Information is Voluntarily Exchanged and why it is notEggert, Wolfgang; Kolmar, Martin
2000 Anarchy, Efficiency, and RedistributionBös, Dieter; Kolmar, Martin
2000 Self-Correcting Mechanisms in Public Procurement: Why Award and Contract Should be SeparatedBös, Dieter; Kolmar, Martin
2000 Anarchy, Efficiency and RedistributionBös, Dieter; Kolmar, Martin
2001 Efficiency Properties of Labor Taxation in a Spatial Model of Restricted Labor MobilityGuggenberger, Patrik; Kaul, Ashok; Kolmar, Martin
2001 Endogenously excludable goodsKolmar, Martin
2001 Helping the invisible hand: A theory of endogenous mutual concernKolmar, Martin
2001 Federalism and the optimal degree of centralization of public goodsKolmar, Martin
2002 An analysis of institutional change in the European Union with an application to social policyKolmar, Martin
2002 Information Sharing, Multiple Nash Equilibria, and Asymmetric Capital-Tax CompetitionEggert, Wolfgang; Kolmar, Martin
2002 The informal sector as a substitute for social securityKolmar, Martin; Marjit, Sugata
2002 Management takeover battles and the role of the golden handshakeFabel, Oliver; Kolmar, Martin
2002 Income redistribution in an economic union: Does asymmetric information legitimize centralization?Kolmar, Martin