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1998 Transformation before the 'Transition' (Employment and Wage Setting in Hungarian Firms 1986-89)Kollo, Janos
1999 Economic Transformation and the Return to Human Capital - The Case of Hungary, 1986-1996Vincze, Maria; Kollo, Janos
1999 Unemployment, Wage Push and the Labour Cost Competitiveness of Regions - The Case of Hungary, 1986-1996Kertesi, Gabor; Kollo, Janos
2000 Wage Inequality in East-Central EuropeKertesi, Gabor; Kollo, Janos
2001 The patterns of non-employment in Hungary's least developed regionsKollo, Janos
2001 Economic transformation and the revaluation of human capital - Hungary, 1986-1999Kertesi, Gabor; Kollo, Janos
2002 Labour Demand with Heterogeneous Labour Inputs after the Transition in Hungary, 1992-1999 - and the Potential Consequences of the Increase of Minimum Wage in 2001 and 2002Kertesi, Gabor; Kollo, Janos
2003 The Employment Effects of Nearly Doubling the Minimum Wage - The Case of HungaryKertesi, Gabor; Kollo, Janos
2004 The Changing Demand for Skills : Evidence from the TransitionCommander, Simon; Kollo, Janos
2011 Detecting wage under-reporting using a double hurdle modelElek, Peter; Kollo, Janos; Reizer, Balázs; Szabó, Péter A.
2011 Whose children gain from starting school later? Evidence from HungaryHámori, Szilvia; Kollo, Janos
2013 Patterns of Integration: Low Educated People and their Jobs in Norway, Italy and HungaryKollo, Janos
2014 Labor Market Careers Before and After IncarcerationKollo, Janos; Czafit, Bence