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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2004 Structures and Trends in German BankingKoetter, Michael; Nestmann, Thorsten; Stolz, Stéphanie; Wedow, Michael
2005 Evaluating the German bank merger waveKoetter, Michael
2005 Accounting for distress in bank mergersKoetter, Michael; Bos, Jaap W. B.; Heid, Frank; Kool, Clemens J. M.; Kolari, James W.; Porath, Daniel
2005 Measurement matters: Input price proxies and bank efficiency in GermanyKoetter, Michael
2005 Inefficient or just different? Effects of heterogeneity on bank efficiency scoresBos, Jaap W. B.; Heid, Frank; Koetter, Michael; Kolari, James W.; Kool, Clemens J. M.
2006 The cost efficiency of German banks: a comparison of SFA and DEAKoetter, Michael; Karmann, Alexander; Fiorentino, Elisabetta
2006 The stability of efficiency rankings when risk-preferences and objectives are differentKoetter, Michael
2006 Finance and growth in a bank-based economy: is it quantity or quality that matters?Koetter, Michael; Wedow, Michael
2007 Efficient, profitable and safe banking: an oxymoron? Evidence from a panel VAR approachKoetter, Michael; Porath, Daniel
2007 The quality of banking and regional growthHasan, Iftekhar; Koetter, Michael; Wedow, Michael
2007 Slippery slopes of stress: ordered failure events in German bankingKoetter, Michael; Kick, Thomas
2008 Does regional redistribution spur growth?Koetter, Michael; Wedow, Michael
2008 Real estate markets and bank distressKoetter, Michael; Poghosyan, Tigran
2008 The quiet life hypothesis in banking: Evidence from German savings banksKoetter, Michael; Vins, Oliver
2008 The implications of latent technology regimes for competition and efficiency in bankingKoetter, Michael; Poghosyan, Tigran
2009 The effects of privatization and consolidation on bank productivity: comparative evidence from Italy and GermanyFiorentino, Elisabetta; Vincenzo, Alessio De; Heid, Frank; Karmann, Alexander; Koetter, Michael
2009 Margins of international banking: is there a productivity pecking order in banking, too?Buch, Claudia M.; Koch, Cathérine Tahmee; Koetter, Michael
2009 Regional growth and finance in Europe: is there a quality effect of bank efficiency?Hasan, Iftekhar; Koetter, Michael; Wedow, Michael
2010 Do banks benefit from internationalization? Revisiting the market power-risk nexusBuch, Claudia M.; Koch, Cathérine Tahmee; Koetter, Michael
2010 Recovery determinants of distressed banks: Regulators, market discipline, or the environment?Kick, Thomas; Koetter, Michael; Poghosyan, Tigran