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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2001 Trade Labor, Market Rigidities, and Government-Financed Technological ChangeKoeniger, Winfried
2001 Labor and Financial Market Interactions: The Case of Labor Income Risk and Car Insurance in the UK 1969-95Koeniger, Winfried
2002 Dealer Pricing of Consumer CreditBertola, Giuseppe; Hochguertel, Stefan; Koeniger, Winfried
2002 Defensive InnovationsKoeniger, Winfried
2002 Employment Protection, Product Market Competition and GrowthKoeniger, Winfried
2002 The Dynamics of Market Insurance, Insurable Assets, and Wealth AccumulationKoeniger, Winfried
2003 Collective Dismissal Cost, Product Market Competition and InnovationKoeniger, Winfried
2003 Employment Protection and Product Market RegulationKoeniger, Winfried; Vindigni, Andrea
2004 Currency mismatch, uncertainty and debt maturity structureBussière, Matthieu; Fratzscher, Marcel; Koeniger, Winfried
2004 Labour Market Institutions and Wage InequalityKoeniger, Winfried; Leonardi, Marco; Nunziata, Luca
2004 Substitutability and Competition in the Dixit-Stiglitz ModelKoeniger, Winfried; Licandro, Omar
2004 Consumption Smoothing and the Structure of Labor and Credit MarketsBertola, Giuseppe; Koeniger, Winfried
2005 Redistributive taxation and personal bankruptcy in US statesGrant, Charles; Koeniger, Winfried
2006 Employment protection, product market regulation and firm selectionKoeniger, Winfried; Prat, Julien
2006 Capital deepening and wage differentials: Germany vs. USKoeniger, Winfried; Leonardi, Marco
2006 Consumption smoothing and liquidity income redistributionBertola, Giuseppe; Koeniger, Winfried
2009 Debt portfoliosHintermaier, Thomas; Koeniger, Winfried
2010 Public and private insurance with costly transactionsBertola, Giuseppe; Koeniger, Winfried
2011 Debt portfoliosHintermaier, Thomas; Koeniger, Winfried
2013 Hidden Insurance in a Moral Hazard EconomyBertola, Giuseppe; Koeniger, Winfried