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2004 Evaluating the German inventory cycle : using data from the Ifo business surveyKnetsch, Thomas A.
2004 Evaluating the German Inventory Cycle Using Data from the Ifo Business SurveyKnetsch, Thomas A.
2004 The Inventory Cycle of the German EconomyKnetsch, Thomas A.
2005 Short-run and long-run comovement of GDP and some expenditure aggregates in Germany, France and ItalyKnetsch, Thomas A.
2006 How to treat benchmark revisions? The case of German production and orders statisticsKnetsch, Thomas A.; Reimers, Hans-Eggert
2006 Forecasting the price of crude oil via convenience yield predictionsKnetsch, Thomas A.
2009 Supply-side effects of strong energy price hikes in German industry and transportationKnetsch, Thomas A.; Molzahn, Alexander
2010 Trend and cycle features in German residential investment before and after reunificationKnetsch, Thomas A.
2012 Ein nutzungskostenbasierter Ansatz zur Messung des Faktors Kapital in aggregierten ProduktionsfunktionenKnetsch, Thomas A.
2012 A user cost approach to capital measurement in aggregate production functionsKnetsch, Thomas A.
2013 Assessing house prices in Germany: Evidence from an estimated stock-flow model using regional dataKajuth, Florian; Knetsch, Thomas A.; Pinkwart, Nicolas
2013 Das Erwerbspersonenpotenzial zu Vollzeitäquivalenten: Messkonzept, Projektion und AnwendungsbeispieleKnetsch, Thomas A.; Sonderhof, Katja; Kempe, Wolfram
2016 On the dynamics of the investment income balanceKnetsch, Thomas A.; Nagengast, Arne J.
2017 Google data in bridge equation models for German GDPGötz, Thomas B.; Knetsch, Thomas A.
2020 Compilation of commercial property price indices for Germany tailored for policy useKnetsch, Thomas A.