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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2003 BayesX: analysing Bayesian structured additive regression modelsBrezger, Andreas; Kneib, Thomas; Lang, Stefan
2004 A mixed model approach for structured hazard regressionKneib, Thomas; Fahrmeir, Ludwig; Denuit, Michel
2004 Structured additive regression for multicategorical space-time data: a mixed model approachKneib, Thomas; Fahrmeir, Ludwig
2005 Supplement to Structured additive regression for categorical space-time data: a mixed model approachKneib, Thomas; Fahrmeir, Ludwig
2005 Geoadditive hazard regression for interval censored survival timesKneib, Thomas
2006 Semiparametric multinomial logit models for analysing consumer choice behaviourKneib, Thomas; Baumgartner, Bernhard; Steiner, Winfried J.
2006 Spatial smoothing techniques for the assessment of habitat suitabilityKneib, Thomas; Müller, Jörg; Hothorn, Torsten
2006 Propriety of posteriors in structured additive regression models: theory and empirical evidenceFahrmeir, Ludwig; Kneib, Thomas
2006 Bayesian semiparametric multi-state modelsKneib, Thomas; Hennerfeind, Andrea
2009 Simultaneous Confidence Bands for Penalized Spline EstimatorsKrivobokova, Tatyana; Kneib, Thomas; Claeskens, Gerda
2012 Bayesian Nonparametric Instrumental Variable Regression based on Penalized Splines and Dirichlet Process MixturesWiesenfarth, Manuel; Hisgen, Carlos Matías; Kneib, Thomas; Cadarso-Suarez, Carmen
2012 Structured Additive Regression Models: An R Interface to BayesXUmlauf, Nikolaus; Adler, Daniel; Kneib, Thomas; Lang, Stefan; Zeileis, Achim
2012 Multilevel structured additive regressionLang, Stefan; Umlauf, Nikolaus; Wechselberger, Peter; Harttgen, Kenneth; Kneib, Thomas
2012 Bayesian semiparametric additive quantile regressionWaldmann, Elisabeth; Kneib, Thomas; Yu, Yu Ryan; Lang, Stefan
2013 Bayesian structured additive distributional regression for multivariate responsesKlein, Nadja; Kneib, Thomas; Klasen, Stephan; Lang, Stefan
2013 Bayesian generalized additive models for location, scale and shape for zero-inflated and overdispersed count dataKlein, Nadja; Kneib, Thomas; Lang, Stefan
2013 Nonlife ratemaking and risk management with Bayesian additive models for location, scale and shapeKlein, Nadja; Denuit, Michel; Lang, Stefan; Kneib, Thomas
2013 Bayesian structured additive distributional regressionKlein, Nadja; Kneib, Thomas; Lang, Stefan
2014 A new semiparametric approach to analysing conditional income distributionsSohn, Alexander; Klein, Nadja; Kneib, Thomas
2014 Analysing farmland rental rates using Bayesian geoadditive quantile regressionMärz, Alexander; Klein, Nadja; Kneib, Thomas; Mußhoff, Oliver