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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2004 Testing for business cycle asymmetries based on autoregressions with a Markov-switching interceptKnüppel, Malte
2007 Quantifying risk and uncertainty in macroeconomic forecastsKnüppel, Malte; Tödter, Karl-Heinz
2008 Can capacity constraints explain asymmetriesKnüppel, Malte
2008 How informative are macroeconomic risk forecasts? An examination of the Bank of England's inflation forecastsKnüppel, Malte; Schultefrankenfeld, Guido
2009 Efficient estimation of forecast uncertainty based on recent forecast errorsKnüppel, Malte
2010 Empirical simultaneous confidence regions for path-forecastsJordà, Òscar; Knüppel, Malte; Marcellino, Massimiliano
2010 Empirical Simultaneous Confidence Regions for Path-ForecastsKnüppel, Malte; Jordà, Òscar; Marcellino, Massimiliano
2011 Evaluating the calibration of multi-step-ahead density forecasts using raw momentsKnüppel, Malte
2011 Evaluating macroeconomic risk forecastsKnüppel, Malte; Schultefrankenfeld, Guido
2011 How informative are central bank assessments of macroeconomic risks?Knüppel, Malte; Schultefrankenfeld, Guido
2013 The empirical (ir)relevance of the interest rate assumption for central bank forecastsKnüppel, Malte; Schultefrankenfeld, Guido
2013 The Empirical (Ir)Relevance of the Interest Rate Assumption for Central Bank ForecastsKnüppel, Malte; Schultefrankenfeld, Guido
2014 Forecast-error-based estimation of forecast uncertainty when the horizon is increasedKnüppel, Malte
2016 Approximating fixed-horizon forecasts using fixed-event forecastsKnüppel, Malte; Vladu, Andreea L.
2017 Forecast Uncertainty, Disagreement, and Linear Pools of Density ForecastsKnüppel, Malte; Krüger, Fabian
2018 How far can we forecast? Statistical tests of the predictive contentBreitung, Jörg; Knüppel, Malte
2018 Assessing the uncertainty in central banks' inflation outlooksKnüppel, Malte; Schultefrankenfeld, Guido
2019 Forecast uncertainty, disagreement, and the linear poolKnüppel, Malte; Krüger, Fabian