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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1997 Teaching wavelets in XploReKlinke, Sigbert; Golubev, Yuri; Härdle, Wolfgang; Neumann, Michael H.
1999 Connected teaching of statisticsHärdle, Wolfgang; Klinke, Sigbert; Marron, J. S.
2000 Classification and regression treesKlemelä, Jussi; Klinke, Sigbert; Sofyan, Hizir
2002 MD*Book online: A tool for creating interactive documentsKlinke, Sigbert; Witzel, Rodrigo
2003 MD*Book and XQC/XQS - an Architecture for Reproducible ResearchKlinke, Sigbert; Lehmann, Heiko
2004 Statistical user interfacesKlinke, Sigbert
2004 Yxilon: Designing The Next Generation, Vertically Integrable Statistical Software EnvironmentZiegenhagen, Uwe; Klinke, Sigbert; Härdle, Wolfgang Karl
2005 Yxilon: a modular open-source statistical programming languageKlinke, Sigbert; Ziegenhagen, Uwe; Guri, Yuval
2005 Projection pursuit for exploratory supervised classificationLee, Eun-Kyung; Cook, Dianne; Klinke, Sigbert; Lumley, Thomas
2005 Integrable e-lements for statistics educationHärdle, Wolfgang Karl; Klinke, Sigbert; Ziegenhagen, Uwe
2006 E-learning statistics: a selective reviewHärdle, Wolfgang Karl; Klinke, Sigbert; Ziegenhagen, Uwe
2007 Using Wiki to build an e-learning system in statistics in Arabic languageAhmad, Taleb; Härdle, Wolfgang Karl; Klinke, Sigbert
2007 On the utility of e-learning in statisticsHärdle, Wolfgang Karl; Klinke, Sigbert; Ziegenhagen, Uwe
2007 Embedding R in the mediawikiKlinke, Sigbert; Zlatkin-Troitschanskaia, Olga
2007 Yxilon: a client-server based statistical environmentHärdle, Wolfgang Karl; Klinke, Sigbert; Ziegenhagen, Uwe
2008 Visualizing exploratory factor analysis modelsKlinke, Sigbert; Wagner, Cornelia
2008 Using R, LaTeX and Wiki for an Arabic e-learning platformAhmad, Taleb; Härdle, Wolfgang Karl; Klinke, Sigbert; Awadhi, Shafeeqah Al
2009 MM-Stat - MultiMedia-Statistik: Statistische Datenanalyse - webbasiert, interaktiv und multimedialKlinke, Sigbert; Kuhlee, Dina; Theel, Christian; Wagner, Cornelia; Westermeier, Christian
2011 Developing web-based tools for the teaching of statistics: Our wikis and the German WikipediaKlinke, Sigbert