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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1985 Optimal Foreign Borrowing of Capital in a Two-Sector ModelEngel, Charles Mitchell; Kletzer, Kenneth M.
1985 Tariffs, Saving and the Current AccountEngel, Charles Mitchell; Kletzer, Kenneth M.
1985 Current Account PoliciesEngel, Charles Mitchell; Kletzer, Kenneth M.
1986 Credit Markets and Patterns of International TradeKletzer, Kenneth M.; Bardhan, Pranab Kumar
1986 External Borrowing by LDC's: A Survey of Theoretical IssuesKletzer, Kenneth M.
1987 Trade Policy under Endogenous CredibilityEngel, Charles Mitchell; Kletzer, Kenneth M.
1988 Sovereign Debt Renegotiation under Asymmetric InformationKletzer, Kenneth M.
1990 Sovereign Debt Renegotiation in a Consumption-Smoothing ModelKletzer, Kenneth M.; Wright, Brian D.
1990 The Welfare Economics of Cooperative and Noncooperative Fiscal PolicyBuiter, Willem H.; Kletzer, Kenneth M.
1990 Fiscal Policy Interdependence and EfficiencyBuiter, Willem H.; Kletzer, Kenneth M.
1990 Reflections on the Fiscal Implications of a Common CurrencyBuiter, Willem H.; Kletzer, Kenneth M.
1991 Persistent Differences in National Productivity Growth Rates with a Common Technology and Free CapitalMobility. The Roles of Private Thrift, Public Debt, Capital Taxation and Policy toward Human FormationBuiter, Willem H.; Kletzer, Kenneth M.
1991 Smoothing Primary Exporters' Price Risks: Bonds, Futures, Options and InsuranceKletzer, Kenneth M.; Newbery, David M.; Wright, Brian D.
1992 Permanent International Productivity Growth Differentials in an Integrated Global Economy. The Roles of Households, Non-Tradedness, Self-Financing and Fiscal PolicyBuiter, Willem Hendrik; Kletzer, Kenneth M.
1992 Government Solvency, Ponzi Finance and the Redundancy and Usefulness of Public DebtBuiter, Willem H.; Kletzer, Kenneth M.
1992 Distribution of Rents and GrowthEngel, Charles; Kletzer, Kenneth M.
1994 Price Normalization and Equilibria in General Equilibrium Models of International Trade Under ImperfectCompetitionSrinivasan, Thirukodikaval N.; Kletzer, Kenneth M.
1997 Macroeconomic Stabilization with a Common Currency:Kletzer, Kenneth M.
1997 Macroeconomic stabilization with a common currency: Does European Monetary Unification create a need for fiscal insurance of federalism?Kletzer, Kenneth M.
1998 Monetary union, asymmetric productivity shocks and fiscal insurance: An analytic discussion of welfare issuesKletzer, Kenneth M.