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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1998 The emergence of multinational enterprises: Simulation resultsKleinert, Jörn
2000 Globalisierung, Strukturwandel und BeschäftigungKleinert, Jörn; Schimmelpfennig, Axel; Schrader, Klaus; Stehn, Jürgen
2000 Megafusionen: Trends, Ursachen und ImplikationenKleinert, Jörn; Klodt, Henning
2000 Growing Trade in Intermediate Goods: Outsourcing, Global Sourcing or Increasing Importance of MNE Networks?Kleinert, Jörn
2000 Globalization of the World Economy: What Happened in 1985?Kleinert, Jörn
2001 The Role of Multinational Enterprises in Globalization: An Empirical OverviewKleinert, Jörn
2001 Japan's Integration into the World Economy in the 1990sKleinert, Jörn
2002 Trade and the Internationalization of ProductionKleinert, Jörn
2002 Causes and consequences of merger wavesKleinert, Jörn; Klodt, Henning
2003 Determinants of German FDI: New Evidence from Micro-DataToubal, Farid; Kleinert, Jörn; Buch, Claudia M.
2003 Securing Financial Stability: Problems and Prospects for New EU MembersBonello, Michael C; Saccomanni, Fabrizio; Buch, Claudia M.; Kleinert, Jörn; Zajc, Peter
2003 On the Coexistence of National Companies and Multinational EnterprisesKleinert, Jörn
2003 Where Enterprises Lead, People Follow? Links between Migration and German FDIBuch, Claudia M.; Kleinert, Jörn; Toubal, Farid
2003 The Distance Puzzle: On the Interpretation of the Distance Coefficient in Gravity EquationsBuch, Claudia M.; Kleinert, Jörn; Toubal, Farid
2005 Gravity for FDIKleinert, Jörn; Toubal, Farid
2005 A Structural Model of Export versus Affiliates ProductionKleinert, Jörn; Toubal, Farid
2006 Exchange rates and FDI: Goods versus capital market frictionsBuch, Claudia M.; Kleinert, Jörn
2006 Who Goes East? The Impact of Enlargement on the Patterns of German FDIBuch, Claudia M.; Kleinert, Jörn
2006 Spillovers from Multinationals to Heterogeneous Domestic Firms: Evidence from HungaryBékés, Gábor; Kleinert, Jörn; Toubal, Farid
2007 The impact of locating production abroad on activities at homeKleinert, Jörn; Toubal, Farid