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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2010 Shared value and sustainable business strategyBürkner, Hans-Paul; Feldman, John; Harada, Takeo; Hill, Terry; Kleemann, Linda; Krieger-Boden, Christiane; Tan, Barıs
2010 Price transmission in the pineapple market: What role for organic fruit?Kleemann, Linda; Effenberger, Alexandra
2010 Climate change and economic developmentKhalilian, Setareh; Kleemann, Linda; Narita, Daiju; Stark Maskin, Eric; Bunker Roy, Sanjit; Yee-Cheong, Dato Lee
2010 Konjunktur für den Klimaschutz? Klima- und Wachstumswirkung weltweiter KonjunkturprogrammeRickels, Wilfried; Kleemann, Linda; Klepper, Gernot; Peterson, Sonja; Petrick, Sebastian
2011 Bridging morale and business through shared value?Kleemann, Linda; Krieger-Boden, Christiane
2011 The future of funding for social enterprisesChong, Paul; Kleemann, Linda
2011 Organic pineapple farming in Ghana: A good choice for smallholders?Kleemann, Linda
2012 Sustainable agriculture and food security in Africa: An overviewKleemann, Linda
2012 Organic certification, agro-ecological practices and return on investment: Farm level evidence from GhanaKleemann, Linda; Abdulai, Awudu
2013 Is organic farming worth its investment? The adoption and impact of certified pineapple farming in GhanaKleemann, Linda; Abdulai, Awudu; Buss, Mareike
2013 Economic and ethical challenges of "land grabs" in sub-Saharan AfricaKleemann, Linda; Lay, Jann; Nolte, Kerstin; Ott, Konrad; Thiele, Rainer; Voget-Kleschin, Lieske
2013 Knowing where organic markets move next: An analysis of developing countries in the pineapple marketKleemann, Linda
2014 Rural welfare implications of large-scale land acquisitions in Africa: A theoretical frameworkKleemann, Linda; Thiele, Rainer
2014 Sustainable intensification of pineapple farming in Ghana: Training and complexityWuepper, David; Sauer, Johannes; Kleemann, Linda
2014 Gender inequality, female leadership, and aid allocation: A panel analysis of aid for educationKleemann, Linda; Nunnenkamp, Peter; Thiele, Rainer
2014 Unhappily non-cooperative: Do development research and practice ignore each other?Kleemann, Linda; Neumann, Maximilian
2014 Reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the food sector: Effects of corporate responsibilityKleemann, Linda; Murphy-Bokern, Donal
2014 Knowing where organic markets move next: An analysis of developing countries in the pineapple marketKleemann, Linda
2014 Social business: A new private sector contribution to development? Reflections on opportunities, limitations, and risksKleemann, Linda; Humberg, Kerstin
2015 The relevance of certifications and business practices in linking smallholders and large agro-businesses in Sub-Sahara AfricaKleemann, Linda