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2013 Gambler's fallacy in the classroom?Kiss, Hubert János; Selei, Adrienn
2013 Does Payoff Equity Facilitate Coordination? A test of Schelling's ConjectureLópez-Pérez, Raúl; Pintér, Ágnes; Kiss, Hubert János
2013 Do Social Networks Prevent or Promote Bank Runs?Kiss, Hubert János; Rodriguez-Lara, Ismael; Rosa-García, Alfonso
2013 Sequential decisions in the Diamond-Dybvig banking modelKinateder, Markus; Kiss, Hubert János
2013 On the mobilizing role of social media in revolutions: a game-theoretic approachKiss, Hubert János; Rosa-García, Alfonso
2014 Think Twice Before Running! Bank Runs and Cognitive AbilitiesKiss, Hubert János; Rodriguez-Lara, Ismael; Rosa-García, Alfonso
2014 Correlated observations, the law of small numbers and bank runsHorváth, Gergely; Kiss, Hubert János
2015 Would depositors like to show others that they do not withdraw? Theory and experimentKinateder, Markus; Kiss, Hubert János; Pintér, Ágnes
2016 Optimal payments to connected depositors in turbulent times: A Markov chain approachCsercsik, Dávid; Kiss, Hubert János
2017 Panic bank runsKiss, Hubert János; Rodriguez-Lara, Ismael; Rosa-Garcia, Alfonso
2017 Which preferences associate with school performance? Lessons from a university classroom experimentHorn, Dániel; Kiss, Hubert János
2019 Time preferences and their life outcome correlates: Evidence from a representative surveyHorn, Dániel; Kiss, Hubert János