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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1993 Economic Affects of Climate Change: An Estimate for FinlandKinnunen, Jouko
2004 Modelling the propensity to live and stay in the Åland Islands – a case of eroding insider advantages of immobility?Kinnunen, Jouko
2010 Bioenergy production in Finland and its effects on regional growth and employmentSimola, Antti; Kinnunen, Jouko; Törmä, Hannu; Kola, Jukka
2011 A Study of Cluster Impacts and the Future of the Shipping Industry in Åland IslandsKinnunen, Jouko; Lindström, Bjarne
2012 Regional effects of curbing future deficits– alternative ways to respond to increasing municipal expendituresKinnunen, Jouko; Honkatukia, Juha; Ahokas, Juss
2012 Coping with Structural Change – the Regional Effects of Decentralisation in FinlandSimola, Antti; Honkatukia, Juha; Kinnunen, Jouko; Ahokas, Jussi
2013 Measuring the importance of voluntary work in the Åland IslandsKinnunen, Jouko; Rundberg, Maria
2014 Regional economic impact of fishing and hunting in FinlandZimoch, Urszula; Törmä, Hannu; Kinnunen, Jouko; Rautiainen, Mikko
2015 Evaluation tool for wider economic effects of railway investments: Making computable general equilibrium model results accessibleKinnunen, Jouko; Metsäranta, Heikki; Törmä, Hannu; Laakso, Seppo; Zimoch, Urszula
2015 Foreseeing supply and demand for competence and education until 2025 with a regional CGE modelKinnunen, Jouko; Lindström, Bjarne; Fellman, Katarina