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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1992 Moonlighting Behavior: Theory and EvidenceConway, Karen Smith; Kimmel, Jean
1992 Child Care and the Employment Behavior of Single and Married MothersKimmel, Jean
1993 The Intertemporal-Substitution Hypothesis is Alive and Well (But Hiding in the Data)Kimmel, Jean
1994 Rural Wages and Returns to Education: Differences Between Whites, Blacks, and American IndiansKimmel, Jean
1995 Who Moonlights and Why?: Evidence from the SIPPKimmel, Jean; Conway, Karen Smith
1996 Reducing the Welfare Dependence of Single-Mother Families: Health-Related Employment Barriers and Policy ResponsesKimmel, Jean
1997 Using Administrative Data to Evaluate the Ohio JOBS Student Retention ProgramHollenbeck, Kevin; Kimmel, Jean; Eberts, Randall W.
1999 Marital Status and Full-time/Part-time Work Status in Child Care Choices: Changing the Rules of the GameConnelley, Rachel; Kimmel, Jean
2001 Nonstandard Work and Child Care Choices of Married MothersKimmel, Jean; Powell, Lisa
2001 The Returns to Education and Basic Skills Training for Individuals with Poor Health or DisabilityHollenbeck, Kevin; Kimmel, Jean
2001 The Effect of Child Care Costs on the Labor Force Participation and Welfare Recipiency of Single Mothers: Implications for Welfare ReformConnelly, Rachel; Kimmel, Jean
2005 Moonlighting behavior over the business cycleAmuedo-Dorantes, Catalina; Kimmel, Jean
2006 Is mothers' time with their children home production or leisure?Kimmel, Jean; Connelly, Rachel
2007 The role of nonstandard work hours in maternal caregiving for young childrenConnelly, Rachel; Kimmel, Jean
2007 Spousal influences on parents' non-market time choicesConnelly, Rachel; Kimmel, Jean
2008 New evidence on the motherhood wage gapAmuedo-Dorantes, Catalina; Kimmel, Jean
2009 Testing the inverseness of fertility and labor supply: the case of EthiopiaSolomon, Blen; Kimmel, Jean
2013 If You're Happy and You Know It, Clap Your Hands: How Do Mothers and Fathers Really Feel about Child Caregiving?Connelly, Rachel; Kimmel, Jean