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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2013 Driver's intention to use smartphone-car connectivityPark, Jieun; Kim, Junghwan; Nam, Changi; Kim, Seongcheol
2014 Why has a homegrown technology failed: A case study on WiBro in the Korean telecommunication marketPark, Jieun; Kim, Seongcheol; Nam, Changi
2014 Estimating the potential increase in consumer welfare from the introduction of 'Super Wi-Fi' serviceHong, Areum; Nam, Changi; Kim, Seongcheol
2015 Insight into the Rival Effects of M&As within the Context of Mobile Ecosystem: The Case of Google and AppleYang, Seung Ho; Nam, Changi; Kim, Seongcheol
2015 The Economic Value of Personal Information and Policy ImplicationKim, Jiin; Nam, Changi; Kim, Seongcheol
2017 The Impacts of Mobile Platform Openness on Application Developers' Intention to Continuously Use a Platform: From an Ecosystem PerspectiveChoia, Goya; Nam, Changi; Kim, Seongcheol
2017 Analysis of the barriers that consumers encounter when smart home service is introduced in South KoreaHong, Areum; Nam, Changi; Kim, Seongcheol
2017 Examining the Intention to Use Infant Health Monitoring Devices in South KoreaChoi, Mideum; Kim, Seongcheol
2017 Do Cross-border M&As by Chinese Media and Entertainment Firms Create Value? Evidence from US-targeted and Korea-targeted DealsYanga, Shuying; Kim, Seongcheol
2017 The Influence of Smart Car Technologies on Drivers’ Perceived Control and AttachmentLee, So-Eun; Kim, Seongcheol
2017 Speaker Wars begins: Which applications will be the killer content for smart speaker?Koo ,Hyunmo; Kim, Seongcheol; Nam, Changi
2017 Here comes the new challenger in Korean MCN industry: The evolution of Korean MCN’s actor-networkKoo, Hyunmo; Kim, Seongcheol
2017 A public R&D resource allocation model for 5G mobile industry in KoreaKim, Suwon; Nam, Chan-gi; Lee, Sangwoo; Kim, Seongcheol
2017 Between Milieu and Vacuum – Organizational, Programmatic, and Electoral Strategies of the Former Party of Democratic Socialism (PDS) and the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia (KSČM) ReexaminedKim, Seongcheol
2017 «Autonomie» Revisited. The Autonomist Crossroads in the West German Student Movement's Long MarchKim, Seongcheol
2017 The populism of the Alternative for Germany (AfD): an extended Essex School perspectiveKim, Seongcheol
2018 An AHP Approach toward Evaluating IoT Business Ecosystem in KoreaChoi, Jaewon; Kim, Seongcheol
2018 What are the relative importance of smart car utilities from consumer perspective and who will lead them?Park, Jiyoun; Nam, Changi; Kim, Hye-jin; Kim, Seongcheol
2018 The Effects of O2O Service Factors on Sequel Service Adoption: O2O Service Quality Dimensions and Perceived FitKang, Dayoung; Kim, Seongcheol
2018 Exploring killer business domains for drones in KoreaKwon, Hyeseon; Kim, Seongcheol