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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2013 Driver's intention to use smartphone-car connectivityPark, Jieun; Kim, Junghwan; Nam, Changi; Kim, Seongcheol
2014 Estimating the potential increase in consumer welfare from the introduction of 'Super Wi-Fi' serviceHong, Areum; Nam, Changi; Kim, Seongcheol
2014 Why has a homegrown technology failed: A case study on WiBro in the Korean telecommunication marketPark, Jieun; Kim, Seongcheol; Nam, Changi
2015 The Economic Value of Personal Information and Policy ImplicationKim, Jiin; Nam, Changi; Kim, Seongcheol
2015 Insight into the Rival Effects of M&As within the Context of Mobile Ecosystem: The Case of Google and AppleYang, Seung Ho; Nam, Changi; Kim, Seongcheol
2017 The Impacts of Mobile Platform Openness on Application Developers' Intention to Continuously Use a Platform: From an Ecosystem PerspectiveChoia, Goya; Nam, Changi; Kim, Seongcheol
2017 Examining the Intention to Use Infant Health Monitoring Devices in South KoreaChoi, Mideum; Kim, Seongcheol
2017 Analysis of the barriers that consumers encounter when smart home service is introduced in South KoreaHong, Areum; Nam, Changi; Kim, Seongcheol
2017 The populism of the Alternative for Germany (AfD): an extended Essex School perspectiveKim, Seongcheol
2017 Speaker Wars begins: Which applications will be the killer content for smart speaker?Koo ,Hyunmo; Kim, Seongcheol; Nam, Changi
2017 Here comes the new challenger in Korean MCN industry: The evolution of Korean MCN’s actor-networkKoo, Hyunmo; Kim, Seongcheol
2017 The Influence of Smart Car Technologies on Drivers’ Perceived Control and AttachmentLee, So-Eun; Kim, Seongcheol
2017 Do Cross-border M&As by Chinese Media and Entertainment Firms Create Value? Evidence from US-targeted and Korea-targeted DealsYanga, Shuying; Kim, Seongcheol
2017 «Autonomie» Revisited. The Autonomist Crossroads in the West German Student Movement's Long MarchKim, Seongcheol
2017 A public R&D resource allocation model for 5G mobile industry in KoreaKim, Suwon; Nam, Chan-gi; Lee, Sangwoo; Kim, Seongcheol
2018 Populism and anti-populism in the 2017 Dutch, French, and German elections: A discourse and hegemony analytic approachKim, Seongcheol
2018 New wine in old bottles? An analysis of communication research trends focusing on mediaLee, So-Eun; Kim, Seongcheol
2018 An Institutional Analysis of Environmental Management in Korean Mobile Communications IndustryKim, Dokyung; Kim, Seongcheol
2018 The Influence of Corporate Strategy for Multi-Channel Network on Firm Performance: Make, Buy, or Ally?Chang, Seoyon; Kim, Seongcheol
2018 An AHP Approach toward Evaluating IoT Business Ecosystem in KoreaChoi, Jaewon; Kim, Seongcheol