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2000 Political economy of infrastructure investment allocation: evidence from a panel of large German citiesKemmerling, Achim; Stephan, Andreas
2001 Die Messung des Sozialstaates: Beschäftigungspolitische Unterschiede zwischen Brutto- und NettosozialleistungsquoteKemmerling, Achim
2001 The contribution of local public infrastructure to private productivity and its political-economy: evidence from a panel of large German citiesKemmerling, Achim; Stephan, Andreas
2002 Regional Input : Labour MarketsKemmerling, Achim; Paas, Tiiu; Raul Eamets; R??m, Marit; Selliov, Rena; Jürgenson, Anne; Masso, Jaan
2002 The employment effects of different regimes of welfare state taxation: An empirical analysis of core OECD countriesKemmerling, Achim
2003 Die Rolle des Wohlfahrtsstaates in der Entwicklung unterschiedlicher Dienstleistungssektoren: Wohlfahrtsstaatsregime und DienstleistungsbeschäftigungKemmerling, Achim
2003 Regional input on the social dimension of Ezoneplus: Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Austria and GermanyKemmerling, Achim
2003 Social dimension of eastward enlargement of the eurozoneKemmerling, Achim
2004 Die politische Ökonomie der EU-Osterweiterung : Ein Überblick über die Forschungsliteratur mit KommentarenKemmerling, Achim
2005 New politics in German labour market policy? The implications of the recent Hartz reforms for the German welfare stateKemmerling, Achim; Bruttel, Oliver
2006 Diffusion und Interaktion in der Arbeitsmarktpolitik? Positive und negative Ansteckungseffekte am Beispiel zweier ReformdiskussionenKemmerling, Achim
2007 The end of work or work without end? The role of voters' beliefs in shaping policies of early exitKemmerling, Achim
2008 Speeding up, down the hill: how the EU shapes corporate tax competition in the single marketGenschel, Philipp; Kemmerling, Achim; Seils, Eric
2008 The politico-economic determinants and productivity effects of regional transport investment in EuropeKemmerling, Achim; Stephan, Andreas
2009 How labour ended up taxing itself: the political consequences of a century of self-transformation of the German welfare stateKemmerling, Achim
2015 The emergence of redistributive pensions in the developing worldNeugart, Michael; Kemmerling, Achim