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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2007 Infrastructure and regional cooperationKuroda, Haruhiko; Kawai, Masahiro; Nangia, Rita
2007 Evolving economic architecture in East AsiaKawai, Masahiro
2007 Toward a regional exchange rate regime in East AsiaKawai, Masahiro
2007 ASEAN+3 or ASEAN+6: Which way forward?Kawai, Masahiro; Wignaraja, Ganeshan
2007 Evolving ASEAN+3 ERPD: Towards peer reviews or due diligence?Kawai, Masahiro; Houser, Cindy
2008 Regionalism as an Engine of Multilateralism: A Case for a Single East Asian FTAKawai, Masahiro; Wignaraja, Ganeshan
2008 A survey of the literature on managing capital inflowsKawai, Masahiro; Takagi, Shinji
2009 Asian FTAs: Trends and challengesKawai, Masahiro; Wignaraja, Ganeshan
2009 Reform of the international financial architecture: An Asian perspectiveKawai, Masahiro
2009 Asia in global governance: A case for decentralized institutionsKawai, Masahiro; Petri, Peter A.; Sisli-Ciamarra, Elif
2009 The People's Republic of China- Japan- United States integration amid global rebalancing: A computable general equilibrium analysisKawai, Masahiro; Zhai, Fan
2009 Why was Japan hit so hard by the global financial crisis?Kawai, Masahiro; Takagi, Shinji
2009 PRC-Latin America economic cooperation: Going beyond resource and manufacturing complementarityKawai, Masahiro; Zhai, Fan
2009 The Asian 'noodle bowl': Is it serious for business?Kawai, Masahiro; Wignaraja, Ganeshan
2010 Lessons from Japan's banking crisis, 1991 - 2005Fujii, Mariko; Kawai, Masahiro
2010 Asia's post-global financial crisis adjustment: A model-based dynamicKawai, Masahiro; Zhai, Fan
2010 Changing commercial policy in Japan during 1985 - 2010Kawai, Masahiro; Urata, Shujiro
2010 Asia's role in the global economic architectureKawai, Masahiro; Petri, Peter A.
2010 Regulating systemic riskKawai, Masahiro; Pomerleano, Michael
2012 Central banking for financial stability in AsiaKawai, Masahiro; Morgan, Peter J.