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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1996 Markov-regime switching in economic variables: Part I. Modelling, estimating and testing. - Part II. A selective surveyKaufmann, Sylvia; Scheicher, Martin
2001 Asymmetries in bank lending behaviour. Austria during the 1990sKaufmann, Sylvia
2005 Expected Money Growth, Markov Trends and the Instability of Money Demand in the Euro AreaKaufmann, Sylvia; Kugler, Peter
2007 The role of credit aggregates and asset prices in the transmission mechanism: a comparison between the euro area and the USKaufmann, Sylvia; Valderrama, Maria Teresa
2009 Bank-Lending Standards, the Cost Channel and Inflation DynamicsKaufmann, Sylvia; Scharler, Johann
2010 Bank lending standards, the cost channel and inflation dynamicsKaufmann, Sylvia; Scharler, Johann
2010 Discussion of "The Role of Monetary Aggregates in the Policy Analysis of the Swiss National Bank" by Gebhard Kirchgässner and Jürgen WoltersKaufmann, Sylvia
2012 Finding relevant variables in sparse Bayesian factor models: Economic applications and simulation resultsKaufmann, Sylvia; Schumacher, Christian
2013 Bank-lending standards, loan growth and the business cycle in the Euro areaKaufmann, Sylvia; Scharler, Johann
2013 Bayesian estimation of sparse dynamic factor models with order-independent identificationKaufmann, Sylvia; Schumacher, Christian
2014 K-state switching models with time-varying transition distributions – Does credit growth signal stronger effects of variables on inflation?Kaufmann, Sylvia
2014 The Cyclical Component of Labor Market Polarization and Jobless Recoveries in the USGaggl, Paul; Kaufmann, Sylvia
2016 The Cyclical Component of Labor Market Polarization and Jobless Recoveries in the USKaufmann, Sylvia; Gaggl, Paul
2016 Hidden Markov models in time series, with applications in economicsKaufmann, Sylvia
2016 Changing dynamics at the zero lower boundBäurle, Gregor; Kaufmann, Daniel; Kaufmann, Sylvia; Strachan, Rodney W.
2016 Factor augmented VAR revisited: A sparse dynamic factor model approachBeyeler, Simon; Kaufmann, Sylvia
2018 Factor augmented VAR revisited - A sparse dynamic factor model approachKaufmann, Sylvia; Beyeler, Simon